Has 'SPOILER' Been Confirmed For DEADPOOL 2?

Has <font color=red>'SPOILER'</font> Been Confirmed For DEADPOOL 2?

Earlier on we got word that a Deadpool sequel had been greenlit, and now we have word on a certain fan-favorite character showing up to join the Merc With a Mouth on his second profane adventure. Be warned, this may SPOIL one of the post-credits stingers...

If you've been following the buzz in the buildup to Deadpool's release and are at all familiar with ol' Wade Wilson's comic book exploits, then chances are you will have already guessed which time-travelling badass that Spoiler tag referred to. Yes, according to ComicBook.com, Cable is confirmed as an addition to the sequel in the second post-credits scene from the film.

Apparently Nathan "Cable" Summers doesn't appear himself, but Ryan Reynolds pops back up as Deadpool right after the credits have rolled and announces plans to introduce the character.

There have been whispers of Cable being added to the X-movie universe for quite a while now, and writers Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick have spoken about how much they'd love to add him to a potential Deadpool sequel, so this is not exactly a surprise - but fans will still be happy with this (apparent) confirmation.

Obviously you'll have to wait and see for yourselves if this is how the after credits stinger plays out, but for now let us know which actor you think would be best suited to being Cable to life in Deadpool 2.
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