My 2 Cents on the upcoming Deadpool Movie.

My 2 Cents on the upcoming Deadpool Movie.

Since I got into the Deadpool Comics , I always had 2 special things in mind, when it comes to a Deadpool CBM.

I first heard of Deadpool through the Wolverine movie. With all the buzz about him and his, lets say, slightly changed look, I wanted to know, what a character he might be, because everyone seemed to care a lot about him. I actually never heard about him before, maybe because in germany Comics are not that popular, because the german Companies can't import and translate all stories because of our stupid censorshipment.
So, I get them from a Comicbook Store, which directly imports them from the US. I also love to read comics in english, because through translation, you do not get all the jokes right.

So, starting with the part where Deadpool and Bullseye had theire little game going on, 2 things hit me with an instant Chimichanga:

1. His mimic! Gotta love his facial/mask expressions.
2. The fact that he argues a lot with his brain and talking with textboxes.

And for me, these are 2 very important things, that need to be worked out as close as possible, to make a grounded Deadpool movie.

For the first part, make his Mask part CGI.
So you don't have theses static eyes like in the Spiderman movie. With the technology of the incredible Hulk movie, or now with that Avatar face cameras, it should be easy, to let the mask take forms of (some kind of) human expression. His eyes or the white dots, you decide how to call it, are essential to get behind all of his feelings and moods.

For the second part,
let there be a Narrator (Someone like an old storyteller), Deadpools thoughts spoken by Reynolds with an slightly echo, and Deadpool voice as himself.

For example:

Narrator: With a world full of heroes and villains, it is hard to fit in..
Thoughts: Hey, you mean were not a hero?
Narrator: Would you please let me finish my introduction? Thank you. [...] especially for those who seem to have not found their path..
Thoughts: The path of the righteous man is beset on all sides with Tacos and hot chicks.
Narrator: Ok, you wanna do it the hard way? Fine! Your movie, your choice. Don't expect any hints and helps from now on.
Thoughts: Ohh, little ol Storyteller, are you cryin right now?
Narrator: Would the Star of this flic might do or say something?
Deadpool: Shuddap, wouldya!! I try to get this Blu Ray thing goin on. Got me the first season of Golden Girls and wouldloveto have some one on one with my lovely Bea.

So, you get what I mean. The narrator could become someone, who does not tell the story from an outside p.o.v., like in all other movie, but be somekind of watcher, who really does not know, what happens next, because Deadpool follows no logical terms of thinkin. He can just comment that, what is happening on the Screen like:

N.: Where are we?
T.: Seems like an old Warehouse..Is this the harbour area?
N.: So, you wanna hire on a boat?
D.: No, I have no idea why we are here, ask the director, but my common sense is tingling.
N. and T.: D'oh!

So, what do you guys think? If you have any question, just ask!

Best regards!
"Your friendly German sidekick, Darantino"
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