Official Title For Deadpool Already Revealed?

Official Title For <i>Deadpool</i> Already Revealed?

Possibly overlooked, the official title for Fox's Ryan Reynolds-starrer movie adaption for the merc with a mouth, Deadpool, may have been revealed. A bit predictable, check it out!

Following the reports of Twentieth Century Fox tapping first-time director Tim Miller to helm their long-productive Deadpool cinematic adaption, the official title for the spin-off may have been overlooked. While the initial report mentioned it, in a recent preview of Production Weekly, the name re-listed:

X-Men Origins: Deadpool

Evidently used to bring aware that it's story from the "X-Men" saga, as well show it's following X-Men Origins: Wolverine, which featured Ryan Reynolds' big-screen debut of the character, it very well could be only tentative, being that an official release date has yet-to-be announced. Therefore, don't be shocked if another title appears soon. Though, Deadpool sits fine with me.

Anyhow, while it's been reiterated that this spin-off wouldn't include initial references to Wolverine origins or the X-Men at all, and if so, only by mocking & poking fun at, what do you think of X-Men Origins: Deadpool for the title?
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