Robert Rodriguez Still Contemplating Directing Deadpool!

Robert Rodriguez Still Contemplating Directing <i>Deadpool!</i>

Robert Rodriguez is reportedly still deciding on directing Deadpool.

Last week Rob Liefeld sent the Deadpool fan base into a backspin with his tweets regarding the much anticipated Deadpool film.

Now, John Horn for the LA Times Hero Complex is reporting that he talked with Robert Rodriguez on Monday and Rodriguez is still deciding on whether or not he will direct the Deadpool film. Roriguez has reportedly been in meetings with Twentieth Century Fox about directing and had this to say about the screenplay “It’s a great script and a great property."

This from Hero Complex...

Rodriguez, who just finished the final sound mix of "Machete," sounded gung ho about "Deadpool" but added that he is still debating his next project. “I’m just working everything out,” Rodriguez said, noting that he is choosing between three options for his next directing job. He said one is the long-discussed "Sin City 2" but he declined to name the other, though it could be "Nerveracker," a far-future thriller that was announced last year but hasn't moved as quickly as anticipated.

Hawksblueyes: Sounds like this movie may still happen. Less than a week ago people were thinking it was dead in the water.

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