RUMOR: Is Peter Outerbridge in Deadpool?

RUMOR: Is Peter Outerbridge in Deadpool?

He just may be. The always unreliable IMDb has him cast in the role of the villain, Ajax.

Usually I wouldn't bother posting anything from IMDb, but ever since they got the scoop on J.J. Field as Union Jack, I've kept a keen eye on anything that is posted on the site.

The latest rumor to come out of the site comes from the page for the upcoming "Deadpool" solo venture. Peter Outerbridge(Saw VI, Happy Town, ReGenesis) has been added to the cast as playing Ajax, the central villain of the Deadpool script.

Now this casting, if true, is fantastic in my opinion. Outerbridge has the comedic timing, dry sarcasm, and sadistic charm that is ever-present in the incarnation of the character from the script penned by Zombieland scribes Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick.

Regardless of whether or not this rumor is true, it's nice to hear some stir on the flick.

Deadpool also might be starring Ryan Reynolds, and could possibly be directed by Adam Berg, and it is suggested to be aiming for a 2012 release.

Do you like Outerbridge for Ajax?
Do you hate the idea?
Are you tired of all the uncertainty on this film?

Let it be known in the comments below!
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