Ryan Reynolds Says DEADPOOL Will Have No Connection To X-MEN ORIGINS: WOLVERINE

Ryan Reynolds Says DEADPOOL Will Have No Connection To X-MEN ORIGINS: WOLVERINE

Ryan Reynolds sat down to promote his newest movie Safe House when he was asked about Deadpool. Reynolds reiterated the fact that it needs to be R rated and said it is no the same Deadpool from X-Men Origins: Wolverine.

IGN talked with Ryan Reynolds, who was doing his press rounds for Safe House, where they asked him about the Deadpool movie that has been taking forever to develop. Reynolds said, once again, that the film has to be R rated and that this version of Deadpool will not be the same Wade Wilson from X-Men Origins: Wolverine. They also asked him about the status of Green Lantern 2, but like previous answers he just said it wasn't up to him.

On Deadpool:

"The script, I think, is fantastic. It has been developed even further in the last three months or so. The film has to be rated R, and it has to be done a certain way, it has to do all these things that I am sure can worrisome for the guys cutting the checks for it. So if it's going to be done, it needs to be done right. It will actually have no connection to the one that was in Wolverine."

On Green Lantern:

"I have no idea (On the chances of a second Green Lantern). Those movies have huge scale budgets and those kinds of thing. Working in budget world like that is not fun, because you have a lot of investment and outcome. But if we end up doing a Deadpool movie that could be a lot of fun. Having the opportunity to do it rated R would be the budget would have to be down enough where you can afford to take big risks and do most things that superhero movies can't do yet."

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