JUSTICE LEAGUE Producer Offered The DEATHSTROKE Role To Joe Manganiello After He Saw Some Fan Art - UPDATE

JUSTICE LEAGUE Producer Offered The DEATHSTROKE Role To Joe Manganiello After He Saw Some Fan Art - <font color=red>UPDATE</font>

A number of fans were happy to see Joe Manganiello cast as Deathstroke, but at a recent con appearance the actor reportedly revealed that he was offered the role after Jon Berg saw some fan art of him...

The first live-action adaptation of the Justice League received quite a bit of criticism from fans and critics alike, but one aspect that wasn’t the subject of much criticism was the casting of Joe Manganiello in the very minor role of Slade Wilson, a.k.a Deathstroke. Still, while this casting decision was a fairly popular one, the process that led to Manganiello earning the role remains largely a mystery.

However, during an appearance at Oz Comic-Con in Melbourne, Joe Manganiello reportedly explained the surprising circumstances that led to him being offered the role as the DC Comics character.

According to a fan who attended the panel, Manganiello said that when Geoff Johns and Ben Affleck were working on the script for The Batman, Jon Berg looked at some fan art of Deathstroke. Then, when the producer saw a piece from Boss Logic of the True Blood actor, he offered the role to Manganiello.

If this story is indeed true, it would certainly be a surprising and unique way to get offered a role in a movie. Not to mention, it would mean the actor has a lot to thank the Boss Logic for, as it helped land him the lead role in a potential Deathstroke solo film. That said, it seems rather untlikely that this would be the sole reason behind the casting decision.

CASTING: At Melbourne Oz comic con Joe Manganiello revealed how he got the call from WB about playing Slade Wilson/Deathstroke from r/DC_Cinematic


Joe Manganiello took to Twitter to clarify his comment, saying there "was a lot more to" the process than fan art, which is something many of us figured. However, he also noted that the artwork did play a part in him earning the role.

The Deathstroke solo film is reportedly in development with The Raid director Gareth Evans set to direct.
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