ALADDIN: A First Look At Will Smith As The Genie In His Classic Blue Form Has LEAKED Online

ALADDIN: A First Look At Will Smith As The Genie In His Classic Blue Form Has LEAKED Online

ALADDIN: A First Look At Will Smith As The Genie In His Classic Blue Form Has <font color=red>LEAKED</font> Online

When Disney revealed a first look at Will Smith's Genie, there was a sizable backlash until the actor confirmed that was just his human disguise. Now, a leaked piece of artwork shows off his blue form...

Not too long ago, Disney finally pulled back the curtain on Aladdin with an Entertainment Weekly cover story which showed off Will Smith's Genie in all his glory...well, sort of. 

The actor more closely resembled the Genie from the Broadway stage show than the cartoon version from the Disney animated movie and fans weren't happy. Smith was quick to clarify matters when he confirmed that it was just his human disguise and the blue Genie would, of course, be making an appearance (courtesy of special effects). 

Now, some leaked promo art for Aladdin has found its way online and it finally shows off the live-action Genie in his classic form. 

Honestly, it's hard to fault this image because it's most likely what Disney fans want from Genie, and it will be interesting to find out what the CGI ends up looking like and if it does the beloved animated adventure justice. 

What do you guys think of this first look at Aladdin's Genie? Share your thoughts below.

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Guy Ritchie and Disney's live-action! Aladdin!

Abu looks incredible in live-action and that's going to make a lot of fans happy. In this shot, Aladdin's monkey companion appears to be in awe of something in the Cave of Wonders (Genie?).

The Sultan's advisor Jafar (Marwen Kenzari) is the lead villain here and he obviously has his own nefarious reasons for wanting to get his hands on the magic lamp which the Genie calls home. 

Naomi Scott is clearly going to rock some impressive looking costumes throughout the course of this movie and it's said that Jasmine's arc will see her seeking power to protect her people.

Aladdin and Jasmine go on the run from palace guards through a tannery and, believe it or not, this realistic looking set was actually created in London (where Guy Ritchie shoots most of his films).

Back in 1992, Jasmine only had her pet tiger Rajah to talk to. Here, she'll be joined by new creation Dalia (Nasim Pedrad), her handmaiden and best friend. Expect her to deliver plenty of laughs.

A hero in the making, Aladdin shields two children from impending danger in Agrabah but what they're facing off with is hard to say. That little boy doesn't look particularly bothered by it, though!

Just like in the animated movie, an undercover Jasmine bumps into Aladdin as she wanders around the streets of Agrabah. Disney avoided doing a Prince of Persia when it cast these leads!

Will Smith has taken to Instagram to confirm that this is just Genie's human disguise and he actually spends the majority of the movie as a CGI character who, yes, is indeed going to be blue.


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