COMICS: Marvel Studios' DOCTOR STRANGE #1 Preview

COMICS: Marvel Studios' DOCTOR STRANGE #1 Preview

COMICS: Marvel Studios' DOCTOR STRANGE #1 Preview

Here's a 4-page preview for a prelude comic book for Marvel Studios' Doctor Strange, which stars Benedict Cumberbatch, Tilda Swinton, Chiwetel Ejiofor and Mads Mikkelsen. Does this prequel reveal Umar?

Could the mysterious woman seen below be Umar? Or  is it possible that she's Clea? More likely, she's probably Zealot (played by Zara Phythian), a character who seems to be the "Faora" to Mads Mikkelsen's "Zod".   With the mention of The Dark Elves, we know the prelude will take place in the present-day Marvel timeline so these events likely occur not too far ahead of where the Doctor Strange movie will begin.  

In other Doctor Strange news, check out what Benedict Wong has to say about the film's interpretation of 'Wong'. It's definitely a big departure from his traditional role in the comics.

(W) Will Pilgrim
(A) Jorge Fornes & Jesus Aburtov
Release Date: July 6, 2016









MARVEL’S OFFICIAL PREQUEL! A powerful, ancient relic has been stolen from the British Museum – a relic that could do significant damage in the wrong hands… Enter the MASTERS OF THE MYSTIC ARTS! The team is on a mission to find the relic and the mysterious mystic who stole it – but will they be able to track her down before it’s too late?!


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