DEBUNKED: Zak Penn To Start Work On DOCTOR STRANGE Script Later This Year?

<font color= red>DEBUNKED:</font> Zak Penn To Start Work On DOCTOR STRANGE Script Later This Year?

It seems as if work is finally moving ahead on Doctor Strange! Zak Penn (who will receive a story credit on The Avengers) has strongly hinted that he will be working on the film later this year.

Asked by a fan on Twitter what sort of credit he will get for his work on Marvel's The Avengers (as expected, it's a story credit due to the fact that director Joss Whedon chose to rewrite the entire screenplay from scratch) Zak Penn has dropped a very intriguing hint about an upcoming project he may soon start work on. Many thanks to CBM's own @MarkJulianCBM for the heads up.

Penn is best know to comic book fans for writing Elektra, X-Men: The Last Stand and The Incredible Hulk. Other writing credits include Inspector Gadget and Behind Enemy Lines. In case you can't quite work it out, Penn was asked whether he would work on another superhero movie and replied that he, "might do something very strange." This seems like a fairly strong indication that Marvel Studios are moving ahead with Doctor Strange and that he will work on the script recently completed by Thomas Dean Donnelly and Joshua Oppenheimer. Whether or not this is an indication that it is the mysterious 2014 movie from the studio remains to be seen.

UPDATE: Well, it was a fun theory while it lasted! You can now breath a sigh of relief as Zak Penn himself has confirmed that he is NOT involved with the planned Doctor Strange movie.

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