Disney's Domain Purchase Hints At Marvel Progressing With Doctor Strange Movie?

Disney's Domain Purchase Hints At Marvel Progressing With <i>Doctor Strange</i> Movie?

Possibly meaningless, Disney music group have reportedly registered site domains for upcoming Marvel Studios projects, anomalously including Doctor Strange. Check it out!

According to Stitch Kingdom, last week, a Disney Music Group purchased various domain titles for upcoming film and television soundtracks; with previously announced Marvel Studios projects among them. However, one title listed stands out from the others, considering it's a possible hint at the studio moving forward with a much-anticipated comic book movie adaptation.

The only registration that relates to an unannounced project, but is known to be in the works, is that of Doctor Strange. These are the domain registrations recently made: avengers-soundtrack.com, avengersmusic.net, doctorstrangesoundtrack.com, marvel-music.com, marvel-music.net, marvelmusic.net, drstrangesoundtrack.com, drstrangesoundtrack.net, ironman3soundtrack.com, ironman3soundtrack.net, thor2soundtrack.com, thor2soundtrack.net.

Along with the fact that the same thing happened with Ant-Man last year, the source suggests that the domain purchase could mean "very little." However, we know Doctor Strange screenwriters were hired last year, and Walt Disney knowingly has two undisclosed Marvel projects slated for 2014. So, it's quite possible the 'Sorcerer Supreme' could be one of those films. What do you think?

Anyhow, Conan scribes, Thomas Donnelly and Joshua Oppenheimer, were hired to pen the screenplay for Strange last year. And the release date for the two undisclosed Marvel flicks are May 16, 2014 and June 27, 2014.

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