DOCTOR STRANGE Concept Art Reveals Mind-Bending And Terrifying Takes On Dormammu And More

DOCTOR STRANGE Concept Art Reveals Mind-Bending And Terrifying Takes On Dormammu And More

In this newly surfaced gallery of concept art from Doctor Strange, we get to see some crazy alternate takes on the Dread Dormammu as well as characters like Mordo, The Ancient One, and Stephen Strange...

Doctor Strange was very similar to Iron Man in terms of how Stephen Strange's origin story played out, but visually, the Marvel Studios movie was unlike anything we had seen before. 

From Stephen Strange's trip through the Multiverse to our visit to the Dark Dimension, it was a jaw-dropping movie which delivered an intriguing new hero for the Marvel Cinematic Universe. 

Now, we have some amazing, newly surfaced concept art from Doctor Strange featuring alternate character designs, key moments which did and didn't make it into the film, some truly terrifying takes on the Dread Dormammu, and plenty of trippy imagery which will play with your minds. 

There's a lot of amazing artwork here, and if you're a fan of Doctor Strange, then you definitely need to check this out. So, to view the gallery in its entirety, hit the "View List" button below.

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