Doctor Strange + Pixar = ?

Doctor Strange + Pixar = ?

According to Brendan McCarthy, Pixar may do Doctor Strange

Comic artist Brendan McCarthy (Sooner or Later, Spider-Man: Fever, House of Mystery) has stated in a recent interview with Bad Librarianship that Disney and Pixar are considering a CGI Doctor Strange movie.

The British artist and designer best known for his work in comic books, film and television said that he discussed an adaptation of the Marvel Comic during a meeting with Disney.

"I was over in Hollywood... and I had a meeting at Disney and the conversation drifted around to Pixar animating a Doctor Strange movie…" Earlier this year, Marvel commissioned McCarthy to create a new take on Doctor Strange.

McCarthy also revealed that he has pitched a crossover between Vertigo's Sandman and the 'Sorcerer Supreme'. Suh-WEEEEEEEEEEEEET!

So, an animated Doctor Strange movie... by Pixar... hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Ant-Man I can see, but Doctor Strange???? The Doc needs to be BIG-BUDGET live-action, not a CGI cartoon. And while I do have faith in Pixar and their work, I think it would be a total misfire FAIL to have Doctor Strange as a cartoon.

What do you think?
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