DOCTOR STRANGE To Be Marvel Studios' New Star Franchise In Phase 3 & Beyond

DOCTOR STRANGE To Be Marvel Studios' New Star Franchise In Phase 3 & Beyond

DOCTOR STRANGE To Be Marvel Studios' New Star Franchise In Phase 3 & Beyond

Websites everywhere are going Doctor Strange crazy to the point where info is coming out of all the cracks. But what will the good Doctor bring to Phase 3 and beyond? Read more after the jump...

It's a Doctor Strange bonanza across the Internet right now and it probably will continue up to next month's 2013 San Diego Comic Con now that a big announcement will be taking place regarding the Doctor. So without any further delay, let's get into the next batch of information regarding a Doctor Strange movie before another site publishes similar info before does.

According to the same source as yesterday's post, who is actually an insider with intimate knowledge of the development of Doctor Strange but wishes to remain unnamed and anonymous due to the position currently held, Doctor Strange is going to mean more to Phase 3 than most fans are expecting. The following quote is directly from the source and is what Marvel's current thought process is for the Doctor as of right now.

"What I can say is that Strange is being groomed to be the next Iron Man. The studio needs a new 'hub' character going into Phase 3 and beyond, as there is audience fatigue, aging stars and a need to move from Tony Stark/Iron Man as a 'hub' for films."

Doctor Strange will be the new glue that helps holds together the Marvel Cinematic Universe—since he can bounce between so many realms, dimensions and planes—just as Stark has done in the past. (S.H.I.E.L.D. helps do that too.) Whoever is eventually cast in the lead role of the Doctor will most likely have to sign one of those Samuel L. Jackson-like nine-picture deals because, per the source, it seems like Doctor Strange will be making appearances in more films than just his own and potentially The Avenger 3.

Stay tuned as's The Daily SuperHero is digging for more info on the Doctor before SDCC 2013 arrives and when Marvel Studios makes their big announcement about the Master of the Mystic Arts.

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