How Marvel Can Introduce Dr Strange in THOR: THE DARK WORLD

How Marvel Can Introduce Dr Strange in THOR: THE DARK WORLD

Rumors about Dr Strange in Thor: The Dark World are coming out, if it is true lets see how.

Few months back a rumor surfaced about introducing Dr Strange in Thor’s sequel. While the rumor was neither confirmed nor debunked, the news said that he’ll be working alongside Jane foster on a secret mission of his own. So what could be this secret mission?

I think this secret mission might be related to the dark magic that Odin used to send Thor back on Midgard during Avengers. So what if in his absence Asgard was attacked by Thanos or Elves to steal Infinity Gauntlet from the same chamber where Eye of Agamotto was kept. If other items along with the Gauntlet were stolen so Dr Strange could be on a secret mission of working with Jane Foster to reach Asgard and get Eye of Agamotto back.

One more reason could be that The Other who is part of the movie and is speculated as Ch’thon is always connected to Dr Strange so his involvement with Thanos’ plan could be the reason he is figure out.

I don’t want a Dr Strange backstory in Thor 2 but it would be cool if he makes a cameo and saving story for a movie in MCU Phase 2. What do you think?
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