How to fit Dr. Strange in to Phase 3

How to fit Dr. Strange in to Phase 3

Kevin Feige and the rest of the execs over at Marvel seem to be having trouble finding a spot for the sorcerer supreme. Well fear not, I am hear to put everyone at ease! Here are a few ways they can go about incorporating the good doctor into the universe.

A few nights ago The Hollywood Reporter released 4 names Marvel Studios are supposedly eyeing for the directors chair on their upcoming Dr. Strange adaptation. The names mentioned are Mark Andrews (director of Pixar’s Brave and the second unit director on John Carter (which deserved a much better fate than it got)), Jonathan Levine (Warm Bodies and 50/50), Dean Isrealite (director of the upcoming Welcome to Yesterday) and Nikolaj Arcel (director of the Oscar nominated A Royal Affair).

Along with these directors the writers of Kung Fu Panda (Jon Aibel and Glenn Berger) are said to be in contention for penning the script. More interestingly however, and the reason for this post, are the comments made near the end of THR’s article stating that Marvel is having some difficulty figuring out how to introduce magic into their sci-fi and technology based universe. No need to worry, Kevin Feige! I am here to ease your mind.

I have taken it upon myself to come up with a few ideas I believe will help the introduction of the Sorcerer Supreme be a smith one.

1. With the appearance of Scarlet Witch in the Avengers 2 (and the aforementioned Loki) magic will already have played a role in the ever evolving MCU. Audiences should not have a hard time believing in magic after seeing a girl hurling hexes left and right so why not make Strange her mentor or idol? This method provides some connective tissue with their flagship franchise and offers a nice segue into his own origin. Opting for this route would call for some flashbacks but it could be managed.

2. If they want something a little more interconnected and complex they could go the route of Thor and change some of the more out there elements Dr. Strange calls for. Dormammu could be turned from the leader of his own dark dimension to a demon from Muspelheim. Lets say Loki attempts to use the eye of Agamotto (seen in passing in the original Thor) in the battle with Surtur (it’s gonna happen). It accidentally releases Dormammu, unbeknownst to our band of heroes, and he takes refuge in the dark realm. This sets up things nicely for Dr Strange to step in and save the day in his own film. A nice after or mid credits scene with Dormammu plotting would be a great tease for what’s to come.

3. They could just go balls out and keep Strange as is. If they are willing to put a duo consisting of a walking talking raccoon and tree on the big screen I find it hard to believe a wizard would be harder to swallow.

With Lorelei showing up on Agents of SHIELD and the inevitable appearance of the Enchantress somewhere down the line (Thor 3 I’m looking at you) magic will already have a presence in the MCU. Marvel should not be afraid of the unexplainable and embrace their properties for what they are. They have been doing a fantastic job thus far and if Guardians is a hit I think it is clear that audiences will let them get away with anything.

It is also being rumoured that Mads Mikkelsen is in contention for a role in the film. Makes sense considering he just finished working with Arcel on “A Royal Affair”. Is that a hint as to who Marvel is leaning towards? Maybe, maybe not. My money would be on Baron Mordo (rival of Strange) but I could see him playing the sorcerer supreme himself as well. If the rumours are true that is.

What do you guys think about these ideas or developments? Speak your mind and leave a comment below.
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