Kevin Feige Confirms Plans For A Dr Strange Movie

Kevin Feige Confirms Plans For A <i>Dr Strange</i> Movie

The Thor set visit embargo has been lifted and the interviews and articles are in full flow, but Collider's piece with Kevin Feige caught my eye, as the Marvel head honcho seems to confirm that an adaptation of Dr Strange will happen..eventually!..

There is a whole host of new info and interviews out there pertaining to Marvel's Thor now, and if you follow the links posted by DCMF below you can check em out. But one tid bit really caught my attention. In Collider's on set interview with Kevin Feige, he confirms Marvel's plans for a big screen outing for The Sorcerer Supreme, Dr Strange. The character's name has been mentioned before by the likes of Stan Lee, but this is the first time Feige or indeed anyone associated directly with Marvel Studio's movie output has suggested that a film is coming our way.

“Iron Man is entirely about tech. Hulk starts the break open the idea of biological enhancement which clearly goes into Cap. This cracks into the cosmic and other worlds. Dr. Strange will eventually get into the supernatural.

There is no way of knowing how far Marvel's plans for this movie have gone, there may not even be a first script draft. But, take comfort in the fact that they will get there..eventually! Be sure to check out the full interview for much more on Thor.

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