Latest DOCTOR STRANGE Rumor Points To Jon Hamm

Latest DOCTOR STRANGE Rumor Points To Jon Hamm

Sigh. We knew this was bound to happen once the floodgates were opened with the Johnny Depp thing, but now every site and blog out there claim to know which actor Marvel want for..a movie without a script or a director. Anyway, here's the latest rumor doing the rounds.

So This Is claim to know for certain that Marvel have gone with Mad Men actor Jon Hamm for the role of Dr. Steven Strange.

"And for all the conjecture that’s been thrown out about who’d be a good fit in the role, all the jockeying for inclusion in the blossoming MCU by actors and their representation and all the non-stories about meetings that went nowhere, our sources indicate to us that the guy Marvel has set up to play Doctor Stephen Strange is none other than JON HAMM.

That’s right… the man we’ve come to know as MAD MEN’s Don Draper has been cast as the Sorcerer Supreme and Master of the Mystic Arts.

This is very unlikely to be true of course..but I suppose there's always a chance. Anyway, there ya go. Would you like to see Hamm take the role?
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