Marvel Moving Forward With Dr Strange

Marvel Moving Forward With Dr Strange

Marvel Moving Forward With <i>Dr Strange</i>

Word is that the script has been handed in and a shortlist of directors put together. No names as of yet, but Twitchfilm reckon the movie is now on track for a 2013 release...

Seen by many as a second tier character in the Marvel Universe, Dr Stephen Strange is nonetheless one of it's most popular. And fans have been crying out for Marvel Studious to give The Sorcerer Supreme the big screen treatment for years now. Last we had heard Thomas Donnelly and Joshua Oppenheimer were brought in to draft a script, but aside from the likes of Kevin Feige and Stan Lee confirming that the wheels were in motion, we haven't had anything else solid until now.

From Twitchfilm..

Twitch has learned that Oppenheimer and Donnelly have now turned in their script and Marvel is pushing forward with the property. Marvel has drafted a short list of directors to approach on the title and is forwarding the current script to each to try and sign someone up to 'oversee continued development'.

If this is on the level, and you can pretty much bet it is, expect a look at that shortlist soon enough. Twitch feel that Marvel's commitment to the character means we could see the movie released sometime in 2013. Guess we shall see. Aside from Patrick Dempsey, no one has really thrown their hat in the ring to play Dr Strange. Who do you guys think would do a good job?


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