Marvel's PHASE 3 Plans Confirmed?

Marvel's PHASE 3 Plans Confirmed?

The Schmoes' scooper is back..and this time it's big news! A galaxy may go unguarded, but there'll be a Doctor in the house instead. Read on to find out which exact CBMs may well be a part of Marvel's mysterious Phase 3 series of movies.

The Schmoes are back, but I guess "The Phantom" is taking a break because their new scooper goes by "Victor Jones". Anyway, Mr Jones claims to have uncovered -- for a certainty -- the movies Marvel has on the cards for its Phase 3. According to him the rumored sequel to Guardians Of The Galaxy is not yet being considered (though obviously that all may change if the first movie busts enough blocks), but he does know which flicks are, at least for now, locked in for Phase 3. And they are:

"The movies that will be part of Phase III for absolute certain are: Ant-Man, Captain America 3, Thor 3, The Avengers 3 and Dr. Strange."

So nothing too unexpected really, but it's still nice to have confirmation -- if indeed this lineup stays the same. Apparently Kevin Feige actually wanted Dr. Strange as a part of Phase 2, but because that didn't work out he's now giving it the highest priority. But what about Black Panther I hear you type furiously? Well, Jones reckons both he and The Inhumans are still in the pipeline, and are "in the same boat that Dr. Strange and Ant-Man were in two years ago". The guys seem very confident that this will indeed be our Phadse 3 series of movies, and say we should expect an official announcement by Comic Con if not sooner.

Now obviously we have to stick a question mark on this until it's officially...official! But The Schmoes have had plenty of confirmed scoops in the past so we've no reason to doubt their word now. What do you guys think?
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