New DOCTOR STRANGE Wallpaper To Dress Up Your Desktop

New DOCTOR STRANGE Wallpaper To Dress Up Your Desktop

Marvel's Doctor Strange is finally hitting US theaters and we've got several new "Strange" wallpapers and backgrounds to dress up your desktop and mobile device. See our favorites after the jump!...

I've got about eight hours before I see Mr. Strange in all of his 3D IMAX glory and I'm more than a little excited. I would LOVE to say that I created these Doctor Strange wallpapers and backgrounds for all of the Strange lovers and CBM fans out there, but that's really only half of the truth. I mostly created them because I wanted some cool Doctor Strange stuff for myself.

With that being said, here are my three favorite Doctor Strange wallpapers of the five that I put together. I only have two devices to put them on, so there's going to be a magic battle royale later today.

Doctor Strange Movie Wallpaper 4

Doctor Strange Movie Wallpaper 1

Doctor Strange Movie Wallpaper 2

Check out the others by heading over to the Doctor Strange movie wallpaper area. There are several resolutions for each wallpaper, including one for mobile devices.

What do you think? Is anyone else as excited as me to see the film for the first time this weekend? Share your thoughts in the comments area below!
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