Road To INFINITY WAR: Trippy DOCTOR STRANGE Concept Art Features Dormammu And His Monstrous Zealots

Road To INFINITY WAR: Trippy DOCTOR STRANGE Concept Art Features Dormammu And His Monstrous Zealots

Road To INFINITY WAR: Trippy DOCTOR STRANGE Concept Art Features Dormammu And His Monstrous Zealots

Doctor Strange is set to play a key role in Avengers: Infinity War and here we take a look back at the Dread Dormammu and his Zealots/Mindless Ones from the Sorcerer Supreme's solo movie. Check it out...

Avengers: Infinity War is fast approaching and while there are a lot of reasons to be excited about the Marvel Studios movie, many fans are seriously psyched about getting to spend time with specific characters. Chief among them is Doctor Strange, a hero who popped up briefly in Thor: Ragnarok but hasn't been properly seen since his solo movie was released to much success back in 2016. 

The Sorcerer Supreme is expected to have a meaty role in the superhero ensemble (especially as he has an Infinity Stone hanging around his neck) but we're now looking back at his own outing. 

By clicking either one of the buttons below, you can check out some rarely seen concept art of the Dread Dormammu and the villainous Zealots who worshipped him (they look a lot more like the comic book's Mindless Ones here, though). They were Strange's first foes and while they might not be a match for Thanos, Dormammu is every bit as popular and you'll want to take a look at these...

Doctor Strange Faces His Biggest Foe Yet

Dormammu was essentially just a massive face in Doctor Strange but here we see the Sorcerer Supreme squaring off with a version a little closer in appearance to his comic book counterpart.

Kaecilius Gets His Wish

Marvel clearly played around with how Kaecilius would be transported into the Dark Dimension and these all look very cool. The largest piece on the right arguably works the best of all, though.

The Ruler Of The Dark Dimension

I didn't hate Dormammu's appearance in Doctor Strange but he definitely could have looked a little better and this take on the villain is definitely a little cooler than what ended up on the big screen.

A Trippier Take On The Big Bad

Are your eyes hurting yet? This trippy take on Dormammu is much different to what we ended up getting and as weird as the movie looked at times (not in a bad way), this might have been overkill.

Dormammu = A Giant Eye

This would not have been popular with fans! As you can see, the plan was originally for Dormammu to be a giant eye watching Doctor Strange. It's a nice idea but doesn't seem to really work.

Kaecilius' Monstrous Transformation


When Kaecilius and his followers were transported to the Dark Dimension, they were transformed into Mindless Ones. Here, we get to see the villain turned into an even more hideous monster! 

The Mindless Ones

In what appears to be a deleted scene of sorts from Doctor Strange, the Dark Dimension invades our Earth and turns regular people into monstrous Mindless Ones which look similar to the comics.

Alternate Takes On Kaecilius' Dark Dimension Link


These are trippy! As you can see, Marvel went through quite a few different designs for what Kaecilius would look like after tapping into the Dark Dimension and some are much better than others!

A Ghostly Zealot

This is one of the Zealots in their Astral Form and it's different both to what's in the comics and what ended up in Scott Derrickson's movie (which nicely paid homage to the source material). 

The Dark Dimension

Another trippy take on the Dark Dimension, this concept art once again depicts Dormammu as a giant eye and seeing as he looked so different anyway, this definitely wouldn't have worked.

Doctor Strange Vs. Dread Dormammu

Another awesome shot of the Sorcerer Supreme staring down his foe, it's a shame we didn't see more of Dormammu in the movie but it's easy to see why Marvel wanted to save him for the finale.

A Nightmarish Zealot

More very unique imagery, it's hard to say for sure what's happening to this Zealot but an argument could be made that this is a design better suited to a horror movie than a superhero one!

What Is Even Happening Here?

In order to come up with Doctor Strange's unique imagery, Marvel's concept artists clearly wanted to push the boat out and what we get here is seriously weird but also undeniably imaginative. 

Kaecilius Takes Shape

The villainous Kaecilius is taking shape here as we see some alternate designs for the markings around the villain's eyes which would be used to hint at his connection to Dormammu's Dark Dimension.

No, That's Not Death

That may look an awful lot like the Marvel Cinematic Universe's version of Death but it is, in fact, another alternate take on a Zealot from the movie. Once again, it's reminiscent of a horror character! 

More Zealot Designs

These designs show the Zealots wearing regular street clothes but still infected with some dark magic. Seeing as the villains all blurred into one, this would have been a smart route to go down.

Kaecilius Enters The Dark Dimension

This very cool shot shows Kaecilius opening the doorway to the Dark Dimension. The version we ended up getting was quite a bit cooler but it's interesting to see how that was realised. 

More Strange Takes On The Zealots (No Pun Intended)

These very weird takes on the Zealots could have worked well given their links to the Dark Dimension and these designs are definitely a tad more unique than what ended up on screen.

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