Rumor: Adrien Brody In Talks For Dr Strange?

Rumor: Adrien Brody In Talks For Dr Strange?

<b>Rumor:</b> Adrien Brody In Talks For <em>Dr Strange</em>?

We now know it wasn't Ant-Man he was up for, but could it have been the Master Of The Mystic Arts instead?...

We ran a story a couple of weeks ago about Brody possibly being in talks to star as Hank Pym in Edgar Wright's Ant-Man movie. The reports came from several credible sources, but turned out to be untrue. But its entirely possible of course that Brody may have had meetings with someone at Marvel considering the various inside sources that originated the story. Could it have been for Dr Strange? Avengersnews think so..

A source of ours is telling us that Adrien Brody is very close to signing a deal with Marvel that could see him playing either Ant-Man or Dr. Strange. Now, this isn't the first time that we've heard his name and Ant-Man's in the same sentence. Other sites have reported that before. What we're being told is that we might hear an announcement about one of these characters soon. Stay tuned.

Well Edgar Wright has debunked the Ant-Man rumor himself, but could the Dr Strange one hold any validity? Avengersnews have ran some stories long before anyone else that ultimately turned out to be on the money, the various casting stories for Alice Eve and Kevin Pennington for example. But of course, this is a very sketchy bit of info with no other source to back it up. Its also unlikely that they would be on the lookout for an actor before they even have a director on board, but ya never know. For now, don't read too much into it. Confirm or debunk below.

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