SDCC 2013 Scoop: A DOCTOR STRANGE Announcement Is Confirmed

SDCC 2013 Scoop: A DOCTOR STRANGE Announcement Is Confirmed

SDCC 2013 Scoop: A DOCTOR STRANGE Announcement Is Confirmed

Rumors, opinions and theories are everywhere online regarding Marvel Studios' hopeful Doctor Strange movie. But there hasn't been any solid announcement info for the 2013 San Diego Comic-Con next month... until now.

You've most likely already read the articles about villains and heroes who might make an appearance in a hopeful Doctor Strange movie. Yet no one has been able to lock down any concrete evidence about the good Doctor for the 2013 San Diego Comic-Con... until now.

Information has been provided to The Daily SuperHero about Doctor Strange's development and you'll get the rest of that info in a future post on CBM. The contact is close to the movie project to the point that mystic spell chants could be heard as background noise. All (bad) jokes asides, this person is pretty much fed up with the bad info being posted online and will use's The Daily SuperHero as the voice of reasoning to set things right, when things are mis-reported.

Regarding Comic Con though, this source has confirmed what many have anticipated and said, "stay tuned for [Doctor Strange] announcements ... spoiler ... SDCC."

Unfortunately, the exact topic of this SDCC announcement could not be disclosed, but an announcement has now been confirmed. Logically speaking, it's probably safe to say — since Marvel has already set movie release dates for untitled films in 2016 and in 2017 — Doctor Strange will be one of those two releases. Or it could be an announcement saying the movie project is definitely in development and will be a part of Phase 3. Bottom line, it just sounds like the good Doctor's movie is coming.

Stay tuned as The Daily SuperHero will be posting more information about Doctor Strange on CBM soon.

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