So Is Johnny Depp Up For DOCTOR STRANGE Or Not?

So Is Johnny Depp Up For DOCTOR STRANGE Or Not?

There have been a very stran...umm, odd series of rumors, denials, confirmations and debunkings since yesterday's scoop that Depp had taken a meeting with Marvel regarding their long planned Dr. Strange adaptation. Click on to see where we stand now.

Yesterday Latino review (who despite a few pieces of bad info really do have a good track record..particularity with Marvel scoops) dropped their latest bombshell: Johnny Depp had taken a meeting with Marvel to play the title role of Doctor Strange in their big-screen take on the supernatural tinged comic book. Then earlier today Variety posted a story which at first confirmed that the actor was indeed in "early talks", before completely altering it - without explanation or update in should be noted - to say that there was nothing to the rumor at this time. Weird huh? And now, mere minutes ago, we get this from Deadline.

"I’m told by Marvel moles there is really nothing to this rumor about Johnny Depp playing Steven Strange in Dr. Strange for Marvel Studios. The story’s being bannered by Variety online, but don’t dress for it. I’m told that Depp was approached eons ago, and it never went anywhere."

And there's also this:

If there isn't even a script...well! Marvel themselves have also denied the Depp rumor apparently, but after so many flat out lies regarding casting for their various projects (Paul Rudd as Ant-Man the latest) there's no point in believing them one way or the other. So what's the story here? Did Latino Review simply unwittingly get hold of some old information and post it as a recent development? Or has Depp actually entered into new negotiations for the role and Marvel are pulling out all of the stops to ensure that it stays a secret for a while longer? I have my own theories, but let's hear yours in the usual place.
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