Stan Lee Confirms the Coming Dr. Strange Movie!

Stan Lee Confirms the Coming <em>Dr. Strange Movie</em>!

Talking about his cameo appearances in Captain America: The First Avenger, Marvel icon Stan Lee let it be known that there will indeed be a Disney made Dr. Strange movie.

According to AICN...

During the panel on Saturday, Stan Lee was talking about his cameo
appearances in the recent Marvel movies, and he mentioned that he had
not yet shot his cameo for Capt. America, and that there was still
Avengers and Dr. Strange to do. This was the first I'd heard of a Dr.
Strange movie. So, Sunday I went to his panel again and got up and
asked asked him about it. He said he hated to frustrate me, but all
he knew was that there is a Dr. Strange movie in the works, but he
didn't know if they had a director, writer, cast, or really anything
about it. Not much, but at least it's a little hope. Personally, I'd
like to see David Lynch direct Johnny Depp in this.

Dr. Strange, is a Marvel comics character, Earth's "Sorcerer Supreme" who dabbles in the mystic arts. There was a pretty fun TV movie in the 70s, but this will be the first major motion picture project. It has yet to sign a director or cast.
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