Stan Lee Promises a Doctor Strange Movie is Coming Soon

Stan Lee Promises a <em>Doctor Strange</em> Movie is Coming Soon

Stan Lee dropped by to chat with MTV and has promised that we'll see a Dr. Strange movie sometime in the near future...

"You know there are only so many movies that Marvel can do at one time or one after another, but I will promise you 'Dr. Strange' will be on the list," Lee told MTV News. "They just have to get to it. In fact, every one of the characters - they're not going to let one go. Why should they?"

When aked what version of that character he would like to see he said, "Well, obviously I'd like to see the origin that I had written years ago, the one that I did with Steve Ditko. But Marvel is free to do any version they want. And the nice thing about the movies they do is that they hire the best director, the best screenwriter, they have the best producers."

"So I really don't worry if they make changes. They're usually for the best!"

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