Superman4 revisits "Elektra"

Superman4 revisits "Elektra"

Is this superheroine movie as bad as some say?

I was scanning through the channels and I noticed FX was going to show Elektra. I remembered seeing it once a few years ago but couldn’t remember if I liked it. So I recorded it and watched it the next afternoon. So is it really as bad as that 10% Rotten Tomatoes gave it? I didn’t really think so.

After being killed by Bullseye, Elektra is brought back to life by a blind martial artist named Stick. Stick trains Elektra and helps her better her skills as a fighter. After Stick asks her to leave she becomes an assassin but when she’s hired to kill a father and daughter, Elektra decides to protect them from The Hand.

I felt the movie took itself pretty seriously, never being campy or corny. The action scenes are done very well, especially Jennifer Garners stuff. She is both physically strong and agile. Garner also does very well with the Sai’s, Elektra’s signature weapon. The special effects in the movie are also well done. My particular favorite being when Tattoo would release animals from his body.

Even if you hate Fox’s movies most admit they always do a good job with casting. Elektra is not different. Terence Stamp (who played Zod in Superman II) plays Stick. Stamp is as good as ever and has a powerful screen presence. Goran Visnjic and Kristen Prout do decent enough jobs playing Mark and Abby Miller. The members of the hand led by Kirigi make for interesting and cool villains but lack enough screen time. Fans will also enjoy the Hand Ninja’s who turn into smoke when killed, a nod to their comic book counter parts.

Lastly is Jennifer Garner. Garner who also played Elektra in “Daredevil” is one of the best things in the film. She plays a very troubled Elektra who’s not sure what to do with her life after being brought back from the dead. She becomes an assassin because that’s what she’s good at. But after seeing a little of herself in Abby. Elektra protects Abby and her father becoming more of a hero. Like I stated earlier Garner does very well with the action scenes and looks great in the red costume. Although Elektra isn’t invincible Garner still portrays her as a badass.

Although Elektra isn’t as good as top notch Superhero movies like Superman the movie, Iron man or The Dark Knight. It’s certainly one of the best female superhero movies, which are difficult to come by. Although I haven’t read a lot of Elektra comics I felt the character was done justice.

I give Elektra a C+

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