[ UPDATE ] - FANCAST: Superman & Batman: Alter Ego

[ UPDATE ] - FANCAST: Superman & Batman: Alter Ego

This event happens after Man of Steel (2013). [Possible Spoiler Alert]


From Man of Steel and Confirmed

Henry Cavill as Clark Kent/Kar-EL/Superman

Ben Affleck as Batman/Bruce Wayne

Amy Adams as Lois Lane

Lois Lane continues with her job as Daily Planet’s investigative reporter. During the party "Metropolis says: Hello Gotham!", She meets the billionaire playboy Bruce Wayne and feels a little of attraction for him, but her true love is Superman. She is investigating the Metropolis's underworld and the presence of the Gotham’s Knight in Metropolis.

Laurence Fishburne as Perry White

As this film is a possible sequence of Man of Steel (2013). I reused the same cast.

Perry White appears briefly to give works for his employees of Daily Planet as Clark Kent and Lois Lane. Perry sends Clark Kent, Lois Lane and Jimmy Olsen to Bruce Wayne’s party.

Diane Lane as Martha Kent

Harry Lennix as General Swanwick

New Names

Matt Dillon as The Joker

I think that he’s a good actor. I like of his roles in Crash. I believe that he’ll play Joker very well because he really knows how to play a villain. I considered for this role other actors like Matt Damon and Paul Dano, but my choice was Dillon.

Jon Hamm as Lex Luthor

I think that he’s a good actor for this role because of his roles in Mad Men. I believe that he‘ll play a Machiavellian Lex Luthor. I always have this thought about Luthor as a Machiavellian, a fascist and manipulator. I considered for this role other actors like Michael C. Hall, Matt Dillon, Matt Damon, Brían F. O'Byrne, Bryan Cranston, Terry O’ Quinn and Daniel Craig but my choice was Jon Hamm.

After of the events involving kryptonians in Metropolis and extraterrestrial's activities in Coast City, the U.S. government along with others governments began to research about the development of weapons against extraterrestrials.
First they contacted the Wayne Enterprises to create the weapons but the company rejected the project because of your doctrine against lethal weapons development. So the government was forced to contact the LexCorp Incorporated that have some suspicious activities involving Lex Luthor, the Company President.
Lex Luthor thinks that the kryptonian known as Superman is a threat to the mankind then he desires use all your influence to destroy the Man of Steel including your connections with the Metropolis’s underworld.
During the party "Metropolis says: Hello Gotham!” Lex Luthor meets the playboy Bruce Wayne who came to Metropolis to negotiate a business deal with him. Lex Luthor don't like of Bruce Wayne but he will try keep your false image of philanthropist.

Jeremy Irons as Alfred Pennyworth

He’s a excellent English actor with excellent roles. I think that he’ll play a perfect Alfred. I like of his roles in The Borgias, Lolita and others films.

Alfred is the butler and loyal friend of Bruce Wayne. Alfred isn’t a simple butler because he has medicine knowledge and knows espionage basic methods that he taught Wayne.
Along side of the Dr. Leslie Thompkins he took care of Bruce when Thomas and Martha Wayne were murdered by Joe Chill. This partnership with Thompkins resulted in a platonic relation between them.
Alfred traveled with your friend to Metropolis to help him with the Joker's arrest and investigation about Luthor.

Rupert Grint as Jimmy Olsen

Rupert Grint was choosen because of his role in the Harry Porter film series. I think that he’ll play a good Jimmy Olsen. I considered others actors for this role for example Evan Peters from American Horror Story TV series but my decision was Rupert Grint.

Jimmy Olsen is a Daily Planet’s investigative reporter and photo-journalist. He usually works with Clark Kent and Lois Lane and their reports. When Jimmy was younger he worked as cartoonist in Daily Planet. He became close friend of Clark Kent, Lois Lane and Perry White. He has a relationship of younger brother with Clark Kent and Lois lane and a relationship of son with Perry White that is their boss.
During the party organized by Bruce Wayne, Jimmy flirted with the Lex Luthor’s bodyguard named Mercy Graves but she ignored him.

Christine Woods as Mercy Graves

I choose her because of her character in ABC’s Flashforward. I think that she’s a good actress for this role.

Mercy Graves is a personal bodyguard of Lex Luthor and secretly she feels a kind of platonic love by Luthor. Graves is able to protect Luthor of any danger situation. She has military discipline and shooter abilities. Her past is mysterious as her boss.
During the Wayne’s party she was flirted by Jimmy Olsen, but she ignored him.

Brendan Gleeson as Dan Turpin

I choose him because of his character in Harry Potter’s film series where he played Alastor "Mad-Eye" Moody. I think that he’ll play a good Dan Turpin.

After of the Man of Steel’s events, the police of Metropolis created the Metropolis Special Crimes Unit with the objective of fight against superhuman threats. The veteran police officer named Dan Turpin was the first police officer to become member of this unit alongside his partner Maggie Sawyer. Dan Turpin is curious about the new ally of the Metropolis Police Department in others words the hero named Superman.

Noomi Rapace as Cap. Maggie Sawyer

I choose her because of her character in the original The Millenium’s trilogy where she played the main character Lisbeth Salander. I believe that she’ll play a good Maggie Sawyer.

Maggie Sawyer is a member of Metropolis Special Crimes Unit alongside her partner Dan Turpin. She is a good police officer but she don’t like of the Superman’s actions. When she discovered that the Gotham’s vigilante known as Batman came to Metropolis Maggie began your quest to arrest the criminal named Joker before Batman.

Matthew Goode as The Traveler

I choose him because of his character in Watchmen film where he played Ozymandias. I think that he’ll be a good Traveler.

The Traveler has a short appearance.


When a fugitive Joker brings a new weapon to rule Metropolis, Batman travels to the city to hunt The Clown Prince of Crime.
At the party "Metropolis says: Hello Gotham!” Clark Kent meets the playboy Bruce Wayne who came to Metropolis to negotiate a business deal with the mysterious businessman Lex Luthor.
And the Man of the Steel realizes that a new criminal mind is financing the underworld of The City of Tomorrow inclusive the Gotham's Clown.
Based on the The Dark Knight Returns, Superman/Batman: Public Enemies, Bruce Wayne: Fugitive and the episode World's Finest from Superman: The Animated Series.

Batman’s Suit

The suit is a mix of the Future Batman from DC Universe Online and the Jim Lee's Blue & Gray Suit.


-> Bruce Wayne uses a charity party and a negotiation with Luthor to fake his visit at Metropolis.
-> Because of the party "Metropolis says: Hello Gotham" very Gotham's residents are visiting Metropolis. So not only Bruce Wayne, but everyone can be Batman.
-> The first meet between Clark Kent and Bruce Wayne happens in the party on board of a Greek transatlantic named TRINITY.
-> In an interview Lois Lane asks Wayne about his relationship with a woman of the Gotham Gazette. Bruce says that they broke up but they continue to be close friends.
-> The Joker says to Lex Luthor when he meets Mercy Graves. “I want a bodyguard woman too. Don’t you have one missed? But I like more of blonde.”
-> Perry White says that Jenny Jurwich traveled to make an interview with Max Lord.
-> Joker makes a little joke with the name and appearance of Lex Luthor when says: “Relax Lex. The Stress causes hair fall. I'm sorry… I think that you know it very well. (laughs)”

Post-credits scene

A nervous Lex Luthor enters in a military basement and says:
- So your uniformed troglodytes woke up me at middle of night. Why did you call me, General?

The General Swanwick says:

- Because I need your scientific opinion about this. He points through the window.

Luthor looks through the window and says:
- What the hell is that?

General Swanwick says:
- I don’t know if it came from hell because it fears fire.

The camera shows us a green humanoid. It's the green Traveler. The scene ends.

Soon: Justice League: The Awakening
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