100 Days of Superheroes- Day 85: Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along-Blog

100 Days of Superheroes- Day 85: Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along-Blog

Singing and dancing super villains....only Whedon would have made this work.


“Now the nightmare’s real, now that Dr. Horrible is here, to make you quake in fear, to make the whole world kneel.”

Well here is one that was difficult to put on this list. Is this really a film? Even when all the webisodes are assembled it is still only as long as a single episode of “How I Met Your Mother”. Still it is longer than the traditional short film and has the traditional 3 act structure of a film...

In the end I decided to say “F**K it! I love this enough that it goes on the list, if not just for the sake of getting to watch it again.

With this short film we also get our first superhero musical. It manages to blend clever humor, great musical numbers, well developed characters and a surprisingly dynamic plot into its short running length.

Also worth noting….It’s Joss Whedons first superhero film. Unless you count Buffy as being a superhero. I’ll let you guys argue that one out. Yet with the man who would one day host the biggest of superhero movies sitting in the directors chair, it turns into a fun, if short ride.

The movie features Neil Patrick Harris as the main character Dr. Horrible, an aspiring supervillain that dreams of joining the League of Evil, run by a maniacal horse. When he is put in for consideration Horrible is thrilled but his villainous plots are constantly disrupted by the irritable Captain Hammer and his complicated relationship with his love interest Penny.

Nathan Fillion does a great job as his arch nemesis and is amusing and dislikable as the standard issue, wanna-be suave superhero. He decides to pursue Horrible’s crush just to frustrate his arch nemesis. His singing might be nothing special, but his comical value makes up for that.

Penny is the polar opposite of Horrible—which leads us to wonder what does Horrible find so attractive about her. She is kind and optimistic about the world. Felicia Day gives a good performance and she’s not too shabby in the singing department either.

The true star of the film though is Neil Patrick Harris as the main character. Many times he is forced to act by himself, talking to a camera. The comedy during these parts are very well done and appropriately funny.

Yet it’s not just comedy. Harris has a surprising amount of dramatic performances to turn in as well. His character is constantly struggling between his life as a supervillain and the pursuit of the girl of his dreams. He is bitter at the world and Harris finds the right balance to keep his character likable even when he is trying to rob, steal, and defeat his a superhero.

Harris also has a good voice on him. He has strong vocals and considering that he has more musical pieces than anyone else, that's a plus.

Dr. Horrible is a clever concept. It combines what is fun and relevant about the internet with the traditional musical and comic book appeal. It is a blend of many elements that make for an energetic ride. There isn’t one boring moment in this film. The only people this won’t appeal towards are those “too cool” for musicals.

There is really just one down side. It’s far too short. So bring on the sequel!

FINAL RATING: 9/10- (90%)

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