A Fan-Made SUPERCROOKS Trailer/ Sizzle Reel

A Fan-Made SUPERCROOKS Trailer/ Sizzle Reel

Check out this fan-trailer/ sizzle reel made for Mark Millar's and Leinil Yu's graphic novel, "SUPERCROOKS", which the official movie is set to be helmed by director Nacho Vigalando and premiere in theaters by 2014

The past weekend, i decided to to create a fake-trailer/ sizzle reel for the graphic novel, "Supercrooks" because i loved it so much. Ive always been wanting to do a short movie or trailer for comic books for so long because i just couldn't wait for the movie version to premiere, so i decided to just create my own trailer with different scenes from different movies. I would have filmed these things myself, but i just don't have the money or resources right now.

When I started working on the video, I had already thought out who would fit the characters the best, but then when i first heard and saw that Mark Millar wanted Ryan Reynolds as the main lead ( Johnny Bolt), i got weirded out because i had chosen him too. For the rest of the characters, i had chosen Bradley Cooper as The Ghost, Chris Pine as TK McCabe, Mickey Rourke as Roddy Diesel, Sharito Copley as Sammy Diesel, Don Cheadle as Forecast, Elisha Cuthbert as Kasey-Anne, with Mark Strong as The Gladiator and Stephen McHattie as The Heat.

For the video, i decided to use iMovie, the "Supercrooks" graphic novel for reference (of course), and just my imagination of how i would see an actual trailer play out. ON this trailer though, i decided to go with the "origin" direction by telling the story in a chronological timeline.

I know this video has some bad editing, but that was because i was busy and had to rush it at the end. That is still no excuse to what i could've done to make it better. If i ever do one again, i promise that i will not rush it and make it clean and prefect. Although there are some mistakes, I'm still proud of this video since its one of my firsts.

I hope that you've enjoyed the video as much as i had creating it and viewing it myself. Thanks for reading this and watching my video
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