A Marvel fighting game.

A Marvel fighting game.

My ideas for a Marvel fighting game.

The fighting genre is my favorite genre of video games. That being said, Lego Marvel Superheroes proves that just because it's a Warner Bros. company doesn't mean that they can't do a Marvel video game. Yes, Marvel has had fighting games in the past. I can only think of two though. Rise of the Imperfects (one of my favorite Marvel video games ever) and all those crappy Marvel vs Capcom games. Yep, I said it. Marvel vs Capcom are crap fighting games. I want something fun and engaging. Not something cartoony and weak. Here are my ideas for a Marvel fighting game.

1: NetherRealm Studios

Let's face it. Only one company makes an engaging, fun, over the top (not cartoony) fighting game with a coherent story. That company, is NetherRealm studios. Yes, the Mortal Kombat guys whose upcoming project is a DC fighting game known as, Injustice Gods Among Us. I know their style is little bit old for some people but, you guys wanted to go back to the arcade style. You got it. If you ask me, getting a Marvel fighting game with NetherRealm Studios developing it would be amazing. Not only are their fighting games not to deminsional in offerings but also they make the deepest and the best storylines for the fighting genre. Marvel has (in my opinion) the best comicbook characters. There is huge potential.

Popular and lesser known characters

Marvels games, with the expection of the Marvel Ultimate Alliance games (the first one is my favorite superhero game), they really haven't put out video games that really exposes their rich universe and characters. Sure, the comic fans know all these characters but, people love NetherRealm Studios. People love Mortal Kombat. You give NetherRealm Studios an opportunity to create a superhero fighting game for Marvel or DC, that's a for sure buy for a lot of people. Injustice seems to be introducing some of the lesser known characters (kind of) as well as bringing in the obvious heavy hitters. They could do the same for, Marvel. Heavy hitters being characters like: Spider-Man, X-Men, Fantastic Four, The Avengers while they could introduce lesser known characters (to the casual player) like: Black Panther, Doctor Strange and Deadpool.

No typical big bad villain

Dr Doom has become "The Joker" of the Marvel video games. He's the guy they use the most for the villain because of the threat level he poses. Why not someone knew? Thanos or Ultron. Something new. Ultron if you ask me, sounds like the more ideal villain for a Marvel fighting game. Take out someone like the Hulk so they can demonstrate how powerful the bad guy really is. Have Ultron break Hulks neck or something just flat out brutal but, also have other villains but not have as large of roles. The one that comes straight to mind is, Magneto. You don't really see him much as a villain or flat out not at all in a Marvel game. This would be a cool opportunity to make Magneto look like a total badass (he already is anyways but that's besides the point) and have Mystique at his side and play a part in the story. I don't have a specific story in mind but, I think these things into a story for a Marvel fighting game would be amazing.

Something ballsy (kind of)

I'm using the term ballsy in the sense of, not just kill an important character. But, do something overall that really wouldn't be expected that makes the characters feel like they are in deep trouble. Killing Iron Man, Captain America or Spider-Man would feel a little bit easy to figure out. I'm talking someone that's an important character to the story that you wouldn't really expect them to kill off. My thinking would be having The Punisher (as a playable character) be sort of like the Batman of the Marvel Universe in the sense of he can be the detective type character but in the end, gets the chopping block. As far as something ballsy goes, I was thinking having a cut scene at the beginning where you have this all out war going on in New York City between Hulk and Ultron. Just those two beating the holy hell out of each other, almost completely destroying New York but have Ultron win in the end. I know, it really doesn't sound all that ballsy. But, I think of it as ballsy in the sense of scale.

DareDevil play a part as a useful character

One of the coolest, darkest and probably depressing heroes in the Marvel Universe. DareDevil could be not only a cool character to play as but also be a cool character in the benefit of the story. Seriously, put his Radar Sense to use or something. He would be like the alarm of the heroes or something if a threat is close to them, I know you're probably saying "But, Spider-Man has his Spider Sense so that would be pointless" not really. It's giving DareDevil something to do and not be the typical Marvel video game but don't give him that one specific role. Have him be the most human of the heroes in the sense that he is a very serious character who looks at their situation in the most realistic way. He could be one of the more "realistic" characters of the game.

That's all I have. What do you think? Comment below.
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