A Screenplay I've Been Working On: BATMAN: ARKHAM ASYLUM

A Screenplay I've Been Working On: BATMAN: ARKHAM ASYLUM

With influences from both Arkham Asylum: A Serious House On Serious Earth and the hit game Batman: Arkham Asylum, LEVITIKUZ has been writing his screenplay on how he thinks the Batman reboot should be based on. Hoping to do both stories justice, I tell you the main characters, villains, influences to the screenplay, some notes, and the first couple of scenes from the screenplay.

Since Batman will be rebooted so he can appear in the Justice League movie, we all have views on what we would like to see in the reboot. I’ve had this idea of a story combining elements from some stories. After seeing BattlinMurdock’s A Man Without Fear script I decided to share my idea of a Batman script. My idea for a Batman film is based for the Rocksteady game Arkham Asylum with other stories. My film would be called BATMAN: ARKHAM ASYLUM. I choose this idea because I’m a big fan of both the game and that graphic novel Arkham Asylum: A Serious House On Serious Earth. Here is my main influence from Batman stories and film for my script.


Die Hard

I’ve always considered Batman trapped in Arkham a story similar to Die Hard. One man trapped in a building taken over by criminals with the odds against him in the longest night of his life. Die Hard is without a doubt the greatest action movie of all time. It will always be beloved by fans and moviegoers. I feel that the idea of a Batman movie with the same idea of Die Hard could be the best Batman movie ever. Die Hard is the biggest influence on my script because it’s a movie with the same idea that has had success. Because Die Hard has had success with a story similar means that an idea of Batman trapped in Arkham could not only work but be very successful both in the box office and in reviews.


Most of my story is based off the hit video game from Rocksteady. Most of the villains from the game will be a part of my script. I do plan for joker to take over and cause chaos in the Asylum after Batman brought him back. I’m still debating on if I will have Titan because my idea of a sequel to the first isn’t going to be based off Arkham City and if I do include the Titan Joker I want Joker live for future games and be cured. I have always been a big Paul Dini fan. I didn’t grow up on reading comics. I barely brought any comics as a kid. I knew Batman from Batman: The Animated Series which Dini co-wrote. My script will do the story respect but I will cut out characters.


This was the first Batman graphic novel I ever brought and it still remains a favorite. I want to include main elements from the story. I’m rereading it trying to see if I could come up with ways how I can tell the background of Arkham Asylum. I’m trying to remain faithful to this as much as the game. I do plan on telling Amadeus Arkham and the Asylum’s background and history.



This will obviously including Batman. My idea for Batman is the one very similar to the Arkham games. Older already have been Batman for seven years. This Batman will have Dick as Nightwing and Jason dead. Tim isn’t Robin yet and Barbara was Batgirl but currently isn’t Batgirl. We don’t need to explain how Batman became Batman, how Batman got his gadgets, how Batman did this or that. NO! We don’t need an origin story for Batman since we have had 2 already. After dropping Joker off, Batman sees both Gordon and Bullock leave so Batman decides to go with Cash and other guards to make sure Joker gets put away.


Aaron Cash will play a major role aiding Batman in taking over the Asylum. Cash will be the head of security in Arkham Asylum. Cash will meet Batman when Batman comes with Joker and be an important alley to Batman in this story. Cash is one of the toughest, wisest, and respected guards at Arkham.

Jim Gordon

Unlike the Nolan trilogy, in this story Gordon won’t have a major role. Gordon will show up in the beginning with Bullock to make sure Batman has Joker. He will be there as soon as Batman enters and leaves after that to check on Barbara’s therapy.

Harvey Bullock

As a huge Bullock fan, he will be in the story. He will be there with Gordon in the beginning and leave with Gordon after Joker is strapped in.


In this universe, Nightwing is Batman's only active partner. Nightwing’s role is similar to Oracle’s in the game. He will help Batman via commink throughout the game. Dick Grayson will be introduced in the story at Barbara’s therapy session and is in a relationship with Barbara helping her through her tough times.



Of course the Joker will show up. The Joker’s takeover will be similar to how he took over in the game with Batman driving him to Arkham Island and taking him in. The question is how did the Joker take over so quickly and what is he after?

Who Else Could Appear?

In both the game and novel we see Scarecrow, Harley Quinn, Bane, Poison Ivy, Mad Hatter, Zeus, Two-Face, Black Mask, Riddler, Killer Croc, Dr. Destiny, Scarface, and Zsasz. I’m going through the list to see who should appear and who shouldn’t.


Killing Joke Is Canon But Barbara Wasn’t Paralyzed For Life

If you see if have mentioned that Barbara is in therapy. She is in physical therapy. In the game its obvious Barbara was paralyzed but Joker and is now Oracle. Since this is my first story for the reboot, I didn’t think that Barbara should be paralyzed for life but I also think that The Killing Joke should be canon to a point. So Joker did shoot Barbara similar to Killing Joke but Barbara was temporarily paralyzed by Joker but after successful surgery she can walk but she needs physical therapy lessons so she can walk by herself again.

Dick Is Nightwing, Jason Is Dead, Tim Isn’t Robin Yet

I decided that this way is the best way to go. We all know Dick Grayson and his origin so I have him as Nightwing. In this story, Jason has been dead for 3 years and Batman hasn’t had a Robin since. I decided that Tim should have his origin explained in a sequel.

Poison Ivy, Riddler, And Black Mask Won’t Be In The Script

I don’t want to release a lot of info but these villains will not appear. Ivy’s story in the game wasn’t really that important. I didn’t find a need to really include it. Riddler didn’t do anything but leave riddles so he’s gone. Black Mask was in the novel but I didn’t include him for 2 reasons. One, I want Joker in control of Arkham. I don’t think Black Mask and the Joker would work together. Two, I don’t think Black Mask should be in Arkham. The Penguin doesn’t go to Arkham because he’s not crazy and neither is Black Mask.


I would like it if someone is willing to help me out with the script. I have many ideas for it and I’m hoping someone could help me out with the story. I’m not looking for a co-writer just someone who could help out. I would love to see the ideas with you guys but most of them include spoilers to the script and I don’t want to give away anything big yet. If you’re interested in helping me I ask that you have done or do 3 things. One, have watched the first Die Hard movie. Two, played Arkham Asylum. And three, read Arkham Asylum: A Serious House On Serious Earth. If you’re interested leave your email address in a separate comment if you’re going to comment about the script so I can email you. After I email you I will delete your email address comment.

What you see in yellow is a preview to my script. Write in the comments what you think about it and if you have any suggestions. Peace.

Begin scene with caption that reads April 1901. Start off with shot of the house. It’s nighttime. We see a young boy walking up the stairs bringing food to his mother. Then we hear a voice over

“From the journal of Amadeus Arkham. In the years following my father’s death, I think it’s true to say that the house became my whole world. During the long period of mother’s illness, the house often seemed so vast, so confidently real, that by comparison, I felt little more than a ghost haunting its corridors. Scarcely aware that anything could exist beyond those melancholy walls. Until the night in 1901, when I first caught a glimpse of that other world. The world on the dark side.”

The boy reaches the top of the stairs. Knocks on the door then pauses.

Young Amedeus: Mother?

The boy finally opens the door

Young Amedeus: Mother? It’s me. I’ve brought you something to eat.

We see the mother sitting in the bed as the child walks closer. The mother isn’t old. Mid-to late 30s but her hair is grey. Her eyes sunken. Her hands are behind her back.

Young Amedeus: Please. I think you should try to eat some of this.

Mother: mmf eaten.

The mother lifts her hand to her mouth to open her mouth.

Mother: I’ve eaten. I’ve eaten.

Tears are coming down the mother’s eyes. We see dozens of beetles coming out her mouth and falling down.

Mother: I’ve eaten.

The boy is left shocked. He drops the food tray he was bringing up to his mother.

“That is the moment when I first felt truly alone. Many years later, when I became aware of the significance of the beetle as a symbol of rebirth, I realized that she was simply trying to protect herself from something, in the only way that made sense to her.”

We see a close up to the boy’s face. He is still shocked. Tears begin to run down the boy’s face. His lip is quivering and he looks as though he is about to puke.

“But even then, I think I understood that mother had been born again, into that other world. A world of fathomless signs and portents. Of magic and terror.”

The mother rises up from the bed, eerily spectral. The mother holds up her hands in front of her face with her thumbs together but her fingers spread apart. Her hands cast a huge batlike shadow behind her. The image is mysterious, inexplicable, almost religious in intensity.

“And mysterious symbols.”

End scene with a clear shadow of the batlike hand motion the mother made then begin the next scene with the background over where her hands were we see the batsignal in the sky and a caption that reads: GOTHAM CITY April 1st 2012 111 years later. We see rain falling down from the sky. There is also thunder and lightning going on. Fade down into the streets of Gotham. Then we hear a police radio.

Police Radio: All units, proceed to Gotham City Hall. The Joker has been apprehended. Batman is now en route to Arkham Island.

We see the Batmoblie whipping through the streets of Gotham. As the Batmoblie gets closer to Arkham Island we see a sign that reads: Arkham straight ahead. A sign below it says: HITCHHIKERS MAY BE ESCAPING PATIENTS. We see the Batmoblie moving past this fast going straight to Arkham. Now we have a clear view of the front of the Batmoblie. We see Batman inside driving it. He is very focused on the road, very calm like he has complete control over the situation, and getting Joker back to Arkham. We see the Joker handcuffed in the passenger seat of the Batmoblie. We see the Batmoblie enter the gates of Arkham Asylum with the scene going up showing the entire Asylum.

We see the front doors to Arkham open up as we see Batman standing straight heroically and the Joker on his knees with his head down and his hands behind his back looking like he has been defeated. We see Batman pick the Joker up from the ground and have him start walking to the doors where Commissioner Gordon, Detective Bullock, Warden Paul Morrison and Aaron Cash along with some other guards are waiting with a Hannibal Lector like gurney to put Joker. As Batman drags Joker up closer we see the Joker beginning to mock the guards and warden.

Joker: Hey Morry. Love what you’ve done with the place.

Warden Paul Morrison: That’s Warden Morrison to you. Cash get that filthy degenerate out of here.

Joker: Why so serious Warden? Haha

Aaron Cash begins to strap Joker to the gurney. Batman goes up to Gordon. Shakes his hand and begins to talk to him.

Gordon: Another April Fools, another crazy Joker plan.

Bullock behind Gordon says

Bullock: One would think he would get tired of getting his ass kicked so much.

Joker overheard the conversion and replied.

Joker: Hey Gordon, how’s your daughter doing? She was so close to being seriously injured. Rumor has it I nearly paralyzed her. I'll try harder next time. Haha

Gordon becomes pissed off at the fact Joker brings up the memory. Batman goes in front of Gordon and tells him.

Batman: He’s in Arkham. He’s not worth it.

Joker: Hey Bats, aren’t we coming up on the 2 year anniversary of the death of that Bird brained Robin? I wonder what I did what that crowbar? I haven’t seen a Robin since him.

Bullock: Hey clowney, mind shutting up? Look around. Does it look like your winning?

Joker: The night is young Bullock.

Gordon: Come on Bullock, let’s go.

Gordon looks at Batman. Notices he is not leaving.

Gordon: What’s wrong?

Batman: Something doesn’t seem right. I’m going in to make sure everything goes well.

Gordon: You don’t have to go in. We can add more men.

Batman: I must.

Bullock: Let the Bats go in there himself. I’m getting hungry Jim. Can we pick up some dinner before you pick up Barbara?

Joker: Bullock eating? What a surprise!! HAHAHA! Might I suggest some fish Bullock?

Gordon: Sure. Dick is with Barbara at her physical therapy lessons. You sure about staying Batman?

Batman: yes.

Gordon: Hey Cash mind coming over? Batman this is Aaron Cash. He is one of the finest security guards in Arkham. He is the head of security here. He will help you if you need help.

Cash reaches his hand out to shake Batman’s hand. Batman shakes it and then notices his other hand.

Batman: What happened to your other hand?

Cash: Croc bit it off.

Warden: Let’s get this vile scum out of here and back in his cell.

Gordon and Bullock leave while Batman and Cash walk with Joker among other guards. The Warden left to go to his office. They begin to go deeper into the Asylum. There a section of imprisoned henchmen of the Joker’s. After Joker saw it he began to tell Batman.

Joker: It’s a shamed about the fire at Blackgate. My boys could have gotten hurt. Hehe.

As they go farther down in the Asylum, we see Killer Croc coming out of the elevator. Croc is being moved to a more secure location in the Asylum due to doctor’s orders.

Joker: Croc old boy, is that you?

Croc gets out of the elevator and begins to sniff around. He recognizes Batman’s scent. He stares down Batman and says

Killer Croc: I’ve got your scent Batman. I will hunt you down.

Croc is wearing an electric collar and they start to turn the collar on shocking Croc

Killer Croc: A toy collar won’t stop me from killing you Batman. I’ll rip you apart. Eat your bones.

The guards begin moving Croc out from the room. Joker makes a remark.

Joker: That reminds me, I really need to get me some new shoes.

With the elevator open Batman, Cash and other guards goes into the elevator. In the elevator Joker begins talking.

Joker: Great night for a party.

Batman: Not where you’re going.

Joker: As I told Bullock, the night is young. I got a trick or two up my sleeve. Don’t you think it’s a little bit funny how a fire a Blackgate caused hundreds of my men to be moved here?

Guard by the name of Sefton says.

Sefton: I thought we told you to be quiet.

Joker: Of Sefton you should really shut up.

Batman: Tell me something, you never let me catch you this easily before. What are you after?

Joker: Nothing much. Hundreds dying in vain, Gotham destroyed, all thanks to you and a box of matches. Was that the answer you wanted?

All the sudden the power goes out in the elevator. Everything is black and the Joker starts laughing uncontrollably. The Joker is all the sudden gagging. When we see the lights back on, Batman’s hand is around the Joker’s throat.

Joker: Wait. Don’t you trust me?

They begin to leave the elevator. Guards begin taking Joker off the gurney. When they have reached the Intensive Treatment center, a guard stops them.

Guard: Hold it. Sorry Batman but Arkham staff only.

Cash comes to Batman’s defense.

Cash: I assure you, if anyone is qualified it’s…

Guard: Listen I appreciate the assistance, but he’ll unsettle the more violent inmates.

Joker: I think he’s talking about you Bats. Don’t be a stranger, you’re always welcome here. Gotta say it’s good to be back.

Cash stays with Batman and begins talking to him as they enter a room to oversee the Joker.

Cash: Are you ok? Something’s up.

Batman: He surrendered almost without a fight. I don’t like it.

Cash: At least he’s back here where it’s safe.

As Joker is being transferred he falls to the ground. A guard screams get up. Joker begins attacking the guards and getting loosed. Batman and Cash witness this.

Batman: Call the Warden. Joker’s loose.

Batman begins punching the glass. Joker kills the 2 guards and doctor he was with. Joker looks to the security camera and says.

Joker: Honey I’m home.

Harley: Come on in.

The secure door is unlocked as Joker goes through it. Harley locks as Joker is past it and then Batman breaks through the glass landing where Joker killed the guards and doctor. Joker screams.


End preview.
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