A Sequel To Legend of Korra, An Idea For A 3rd Avatar TV-Show

A Sequel To Legend of Korra, An Idea For A 3rd Avatar TV-Show

A Sequel To Legend of Korra, An Idea For A 3rd Avatar TV-Show

Legend of Korra is coming to it's end, but I really hope there will be a 3rd show, that will continue the epic story of the Avatar. But this time there will be a twist: 2 Avatars, new bending. This is an idea for a 3rd Avatar show, enjoy...

I’m a big fan of the Avatar shows, both Last Airbender and Legend of Korra, and I actually hope that the creators of these two shows (Bryan Konietzko and Michael Dante DiMartino) will make a 3rd show, that will continue the Avatar saga.

Since the last season of Korra just started, most of the things that I’m writing here are just my ideas, and most of them can change when the show ends.  

So my idea is that the 3rd show will take place after Korra’s death, and the Avatar cycle will continue. Technically the next Avatar will be at first an Earthbender, but something very different will happen this time. The next Avater will actually be two people, twins.

My story is that a Firebender male got married with a Earthbender female, and the two got married and when the mother gave birth, they found out that they have twins, and these two brothers are the Avatar - the Avatar conscious somehow was split into two different people, and so  these two twins are the first “Avatars”.


Vin, who was born first has more connection to Earthbending (since the next Avatar was supposed to be and Earthbender at first), this is way his Earthbending is much more powerful and he can Metalbend straight away (but his Firebending is far less powerful).

His twin brother, Khan (Khan!!!!!), who was born only few minutes later, is a naturel born Firebender, and he masters the Lightning generation and Lightning redirection when he is very young, but he can’t Metalbend. Because his Firebending is so advanced he learns how to use his bending to “fly”. He isn’t actually flying, but he uses his Firebending like jet fire (like Iron Man), he later combines this skill with some Airbending, and he can fly really high and fast.


I know that these two brothers might be little similar to Mako and Bolin from “Korra”, but there are very different. Their relationship is little similar to Professor X and Magneto/Thor and Loki. Vin believes in good and always tries to do the good thing, he believes that being an Avatar means he has to keep the peace and the balance in the world. Khan on the other hand is much more aggressive in his beliefs. He thinks that being an Avatar means that he has to save the world from evil and injustice, and he is ready to do the wrong things to achieve his goal. He believes that the world’s Kings and leaders are not needed, and he is the one that needs to rule, not because he wants the power, but because he is the Avatar, and he is the bridge between all nations and benders.    

The story of the show picks up after the two brothers already mastered all the bending skills, and they are both very powerful benders and Avatars. Korra died when she was in her 60’s, and the two brothers are in their late teens, so it’s been almost 60 years since the events of “Korra”. The world is different, and is a mixture of present and ancient times (like it was in Korra, a mix between different eras).

When it was revealed that Vin and Khan are Avatars, their teachers decided to split the two, and teach them separately. And so the brothers reunite after not seeing each other for years.

The first book/season is called “Brothers”. It will mostly focus on the two Avatars. Khan will be revealed as a anti-hero, as he will try to take power and become the king of all kings. Khan also believes that benders are superior to non-benders.

There will be more than one villain in book 1, and the first one will be the new Earth monarch of the Earth Kingdom. He sparest his Kingdome into two, Earthbenders that can also Metalbend are considered to be superior to benders that can only bend the Earth. Non-benders are the lowest class in this new society. This operation of the Metalbendrs will eventually cause a revelation in the Earth Kingdom.      

  Once Vin will find out about his brother’s conspiracy we will get an Avatar vs. Avatar fight. Vin will manage to defeat his brother because he has a more powerful connection to the spirit world. After the fight, Vin will take Khan’s bending away, and then Khan will be exiled, as Vin promising that he will do anything to keep the peace and keep the people of the world free, even if it means he will have to fight his own brother. 


Book 2 is called “Split”, and it takes place little more than a year after the first book. Vin tries to selvage the mess that his brother did. The world lost their faith in the Avatars, after one of them tried to kill the president of Republic City.

In the same time, a scientist, Dr. Yan, shocks the world when he reveals that he can turn any non-bender into a bender (for the right price of course). With a surgery, Dr.Yan can give any man the powers of one of the elements. Non-benders start paying for this surgery and they become benders, and that creates a whole new chaos, because now everyone is a bender.

It is revealed that Dr.Yan is working for a group of benders, who are led by Zane, and he shares Khan’s ideology about benders and non-benders.
Zane is a Firebender, he and Khan became like brothers years ago, when Khan was getting his Firebending training. They both started a group of benders that believe in a new world order. Zane’s group believes that non-benders should be their slaves, because they are sub-humans.

Zane wants to turn more people into benders, he also hates Vin for what he has done to Khan (taking his bending away). In their first battle, Vin is able to defeat Zane, and this makes Zane to order the scientist to start testing on benders, trying to give a bender more than one element.
Most of the test subjects die, but then Zane goes through the presider, and he learns that now he can control 2 different elements. After many surgeries, all the member of the group can now control all 4 elements, and now they go to take over the world, but only 5 of them survive the surgeries. Vin can’t stop them alone, and so he goes to find Khan, hoping that his brother can help him.


It will be revealed that after his bending was taken, Khan went on an odyssey. He was all over the place, and eventually he joined a pirate crew, sailing the world. The pirate ship was attacked by a massive sea monster, and the ship was destroyed and all the crew was killed. Khan wakes up on an island that looks very different. Khan realizes that he has arrived on a new continent that somehow appeared out of nowhere. Khan starts exploring this new place, and he eventually finds a new race.

This race is a strange hybrid between humans and spirits. They look little like Elves, and they can use a new form of bending: Forestbending. This bending allows them to bend trees, branches and weeds and more. They can also control any wood around them. The Forestbending is similar to Earthbending in many ways. They live in a city made of big trees that their bend to make like beautiful buildings.

Khan learns that Korra action all these years ago in the Harmonic Convergence cussed a shift in the world, and this is also why there are 2 Avatars now. The leader of the Forestbenders explains Khan that the world is now very different, because now there are new races and benders out there. The leader tells Khan that this is a new continent, and only the Avatars can find it. And of course there is a hot girl that helps Khan become a better person through love. The Forestbenders use their powers to give Khan some of their magic, and he becomes a Forestbender.

When Vin finds his brother he is shocked to learn about the Forestbenders and the new continent. At first Khan won’t help Vin, but when realizing that his ideology is getting innocent people killed, he joins his brother. Khan sees Zane as a brother from another mother, but now he has to take responsibility for his actions and stop Zane. 

The super-benders are very powerful in this point, but they never faced a Forestbender, and that throws them off-balance, but they are still very strong and they control all the elements, and the 2 Avatats fail to defeat them.

Khan betrays Vin, and joins the super-benders. Zane welcomes Khan back as a brother, and Zane allows Khan to do the surgery that brings his bending back. It is revealed that it was a trick by Khan, he just used Zane to get his bending back, and he soon teams up with Vin again to stop Zane and the super-benders.   

The Avatars use their powers to defeat the super-benders, and they save the world, but during the battle Yan, the scientist, gets killed. Vin thinks that it was an accident, but it was Khan who killed him to prevent his surgeries to continue. The people of the world are now very angry with the Avatars because now non-benders can’t transform into benders. Vin realizes that the world needs some space from the Avatars, and Vin joins Khan in the new continent. Vin believes that there might be new benders there and he wants to find them.


New World Wallpaper

Book 3 is called “Elements”. Vin and Khan go on an adventure in the new continent, searching for other “new” benders. The first new race they find is the Lightbenders. They live in a floating city that is very Cyberpunk kind of city. The Lightbending creates a powerful energy rays, that are little like electricity but far more powerful. The Lightbenders use there bending to power their machines and floating city. Most of the Lightbenders are inventors that are constantly building and inventing new technology. The Lightbending can be used in combat like lasers, and a Lightbender can create energy blasts, similar to Firebenders that use Combustion (but without the 3rd eye thing).


The two Avatars meet later on a 3rd race of benders, and it’s the coolest one yet – Gravitybending.  Like Lightbending and Forestbending - Gravitybending is also based on one of the original elements: Air. Gravitybenders can control gravity around them, and they actually manipulate gravity around them. It little similar to the ability that “Windrunners” have in a fantasy book series called “Stormlight Archive” (read it, it’s a great book series, it’s from Brandon Sanderson, who is currently writing some of the best fantasy books out there).

A Gravitybender is able to change the direction of his/her gravitational pull and its magnitude, so for example a Gravitybender can change his perspective of the direction, so if he bends the gravity around himself, he can turn the ceiling to the floor, and so he can walk on the ceiling just as if it was the floor. For anyone else it will look like he is walking on the ceiling somehow, but the Gravitybendr’s prespective will be that everyone is upside-down. The Gravitybender can also walk on walls, and he isn’t restricted only to walls.

A skilled Gravitybender can also change the gravity of objects and people around him, so a fight against this type of bender will feel like the fight scene from “Inception”.
A skilled Gravitybender can control the gravity around him, so the Gravitybending effects objects and people, a very skilled Gravitybender can control the gravity to the point the can fly.  

The Gravitybeners live in a strange city were roads are built vertically and diagonally, so the entire city looks like a crazy maze.

The 4th and final race of benders is the Emberbenders. The city of these benders is a city that was built inside a massive mountain. In the surface of the mountain there is a magical cave of gold crystals that are called Ember. The Emberbending can control the ember crystals and make it into a liquid. The Emberbending is based on Waterbending, however Emberbenders can’t bend water, same goes to the Waterbenders – they can’t bend Ember.
The Emberbenders can bend the Ember also to weapons, many of them create gold crystal swords and shield, and even an Ember powerful armor, and because the Ember is so strong, these Ember weapons are very powerful.  

The Emberbenders and the Gravitybenders are at war for the Ember. The Gravitybenders want a share of the Ember since when a bender drinks Ember his bending become very powerful for a short time.

The Gravity nation princess is called Zorra. Her father, the king, was killed, and now she is the leader of her people, and she wants vengeance for her father’s death, and she is ready to kill all Emberbenders to achieve her goals.        

Most of Book 3 will be about the two brothers actually becoming brothers, as they explore the new world, as they meet the new bender races, and they learn how to use these new bending skills. They meet new people and much more. Mostly it’s a brother bonding season, and the change in both of them, as Khan learns to be a better person, and Vin understands the burden of being an Avatar.

The brothers clash again when Vin learns that Khan killed Yan the scientist, and the two fight again (this time with the new 4 bending skills). The fight is very epic, because they both go Avatar mode. This fight brings some chaos all around, and the two stop fighting after they understand that their fight can destroy the spirit world.

At first the brothers split, but they team up again when the Emberbenders and the Gravitybenders go to war, and the two Avatars join forces to stop the war and bring peace to this new world.

The Emberbenders strike a deal with the Lightbenders, who build robots powered by Lightbending to help them in the war. The Forestbenders stay neutral, but the war eventually comes to their city too.

Vin gets injured during the fight and he drinks some Ember, because it has healing powers. Vin accidently goes into Avatar mode, and because of the Ember, the Avatar powers are enhanced to the point that Vin almost destroys the world. Vin can’t get out of Avatar mode, and the effects are felt everywhere. Earth and water moves, erupting volcanoes, cities are attacked by giant tsunami waves.

With some help from Khan, Vin is able to shut down the power, but it’s too late. The Avatars find out that the two continents clashed, the two worlds are now one. Ash covers the sky from the volcanic eruptions; the world is hit by nuclear winter. Book 3 will end on a cliffhanger, when the two Avatar realized that they just screwed big time.

Ruins burning city apocalypse artwork HD Wallpaper

Book 4 is called “Chaos”. The book takes place few weeks after the end of Book 3. The world is in chaos, the humans now must live with the spirit benders in the same world. The humans don’t like this new world, and same goes for the spirits benders.

Chaos is about to happen, when the two races are about to clash. The 2 Avatars brothers try to keep the peace, but the world now totally lost any faith in the Avatars. The fire nation had to abandon their Capital city because it located on top of a volcano that is no longer dormant.
The nuclear winter in the poles is so cooled that many can’t live there anymore. Ba Sing Se is in ruins and the people of the Earth Kingdom are in chaos. The Emberbenders and the Gravitybenders are still at was for the Ember, but because of the chaos, Ember is no floating all over the place.  

 The Air nation has been protecting the world ever since “Korra”, and they try to keep the peace in all of this chaos. An Airbender called Quan believes that the 2 Avatars failed the world. Quan is the son of Meelo, son of Tenzin, that makes Quan the great-grandson of Aang.

He and his air nation brothers have been protecting the world for many years, but the Avatars just keep breaking the world. Quan knows that if Vin and Khan die, the next Avatar will be an Airbender, and so he conspires to kill the two brothers, so there will be a new Avatar, an Air nation Avatar, and and Avatar that will bring peace and balance to the world, just like Aang did over 100 years ago. Quan doesn’t want to do this, but he understands that it his duty as an Airbender and as the descended of Aang to save the world from two Avatars that failed the world and brought only chaos and death.

Tension is running wild between human benders and spirit benders, and war is about to begin. Khan finds that Vin doesn’t want to do anything to stop the war, since he blames himself for everything that happened, and he is afraid that at this point he will only make things worse.

Quan finds out about the Ember and uses it to become a far more powerful Airbender.

Khan tries to keep the peace but he is attacked by Quan, who almost kills him. Khan realizes that his Avatar powers are gone. He can still bend all the elements, but he can’t go into Avatar mode and he can’t use his Avatar powers.  

The humans learn about the Ember, and they want some, but the Emberbenders won’t give any. The war between the Emberbenders and the Gravitybenders stops when the Emberbenders promise their enemies a share of the Ember if they will help them protect it from the humans. The Lightbenders build even more robots to fight the human benders. The Forestbenders understand that they must take a stand.       

A war begins between the races, and the Avatars can’t do a thing to stop it. Khan is able to convince Vin to help him find a way to get their Avatar powers back, so they could bring balance back to the world.   

As the two brothers try to find answers in the spirit world, but they realize that it is also in chaos. While they are in the spirit world, they are attacked by Quan. There is no bending in the spirit world, and Quan is far stronger. Quan is about to kill Khan, but Vin sacrifices himself to save his brother.  

The war continues in the human world, and Quan orders his Airbenders to start interfering, so they can stop this war. But Khan is now very angry after Vin’s death, and he goes after Quan.  


Vin wakes up in a very different place. He learns that he is in the Fog of Lost Souls. In the human world, Khan is about to kill Quan, but his conscious teleported to the fog just when he is about to deliver the killing blow.

Vin is the one that stopped Khan, because he doesn’t want his brother to be a killer. The 2 Avatars find themselves surrounded by all the old Avatars that explain them that their actions changed the world forever, but this change isn’t something bad, because every Avatar changes the world, but it’s their duty to bring balance to the world. Vin and Khan accept their duty as Avatars, and they embrace the Avatar powers back.

They return to the world and go into Avatar mode. With both of them united, they stop the war and bring balance to the world. They fix the world, and move the two continent apart, but create a bridge between them, so the two races will live apart but in time will learn to live in peace. Quan is banished to the spirit world.  

Book 4 ends with the Avatars finally getting some love from the people.


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