A synopsis of My Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Reboot idea!

A synopsis of My Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Reboot idea!

Micheal Bay and friends are (rumored to) start production on the Ninja Turtles Movie this April. With that in mind I wanted to share (a synopsis)Movie idea of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles I would make!

The Turtles franchise rest in Micheal Bays hands(God help us). I know Im late, but after hearing about that terrible leaked script(soon after)I wrote my own version of the TMNT movie idea I want.

Movie title: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Movie pitch: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles meets Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2.

log line:

Four mutated turtles who's been trained by a mutated human (who's now a rat) must get ancient scrolls from the Shredder and Krang (with the help of a scientist by the name (April O'Neal) before they unleash a alien invasion on New York.


Years ago in (Japan/China) a young martial arts ninja master by the name of Yoshi(who had a wife and they both wanted kids;also Yoshi was a fan of famous art paintings/painters) entered a ancient grand master tournament(that was held by the Foot Clans Dojo master) that had the winner of the tournament become keeper of ancient scrolls(which could open portals to different worlds ). Yoshi knew that his rival Oroku Saki would(be his only competition in the tournament) use the scrolls for evil, and that the only thing that stood in the way of that was him. After fighting and making it into the final round, Yoshi promised his wife a better life in America after the tournament. The last fight of the tournament had Yoshi vs his rival Oroku Saki and after a hard fought battle Yoshi succeeded in beating Oroku Saki(Yoshi even scared Oroku Saki's face for life).

Later that night Yoshi and his wife enjoyed a fest that was thrown in honor of his victory and his new title as the keeper of the ancient scrolls. Out of nowhere a instructor of the foot clan came running and screamed that the dojo master(the leader of the foot clan) has been murdered. Upon hearing this, over time the evidence pointed to Yoshi and his wife. Not being able to prove he wasn't guilty, Yoshi's wife was quickly put to death by the foot clan. Yoshi fought the clan the best he could to avenge his wife's death but was soon overpowered by the numbers of the foot clan and banished. Yoshi moved to America(where he mourned the death of his wife and) to live in the sewers of New York. Unknown to all Oroku Saki was the one that killed the dojo master.

A year later after moving to New York(Yoshi wanted to at least keep his promise to his know deceased wife) while walking threw the sewers Yoshi(has been living with rats in the sewers) found four baby turtles venturing towards broken barrels that was leaking glowing pink chemical liquid. Yoshi wasted no time in rushing in and picking the turtles up but he got the pink chemical on him and he begin to slowly mutate into the rat that we all know as Splinter. At the same time the four baby turtles begin to speak, grow and mutate also. Yoshi(who now decided to change his name to splinter because he's now mutated from a human to a rat) decided to train the mutated turtles(in a way these are his kids, his new family)in the way of the true foot clan. Yoshi(Splinter) gave each turtle a letter to remember so he could tell them apart. (Years went by (15 years)and the four turtles each started to not only see Splinter as their master but as a father figure also. Also the four turtles developed a liking to pizza. By the end of their (15 year training) the Four turtles proved they were worthy of Splinters training by completing certain task that Splinter gave them(Fighting against crime without being seen, standing up for the innocent etc).

After completing their training Master splinter finally gave the four turtles their names(Splinter revealed that each letter he gave them was the first letter of their names), and since Master Splinter liked art so much he named the turtles after his favorite art painters (Michaelangelo,Donatello, Leonardo, Raphael). Master Splinter also gave the Turtles eye mask(blue, red, purple, orange)to fully acknowledge they are true ninjas. Each eye mask color stood for a different meaning in the way of the true foot clan(Blue stood for leadership, Red stood for aggression, Purple stood for Intelligence and Orange stood for fun). Master Splinter and the turtles skills will soon be put to the test as they prepare to take on Orouku Saki(who's now the leader of the foot clan and known as the Shredder)and also keeper of the ancient scrolls. But the Shredder isn't alone as he's teamed up with a visitor form another world, Krang (along with his soon to be minions Bebop and Rock Steady).

to be continued...
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