A Tasty Burger review: Looper!

A Tasty Burger review: Looper!

My review for the new Sci-Fi thriller Looper!

A Tasty Burger review: Looper!

Time travel has not yet been invented, but 30 years from now it will have been...

In looper, Joseph Gordon Levitt plays Joe, a hired gun assigned to taking out out criminals who have been sent back 30 years from the future, however one day the target awaiting Joe happens to be his future self...
Looper stars: Joseph Gordon Levitt, Bruce Willis and Emily Blunt.
Director: Rian Johnson.
Going in to Looper I had only watched the first theatrical trailer, I like to go into a movie not really knowing what to expect and I am very pleased to say that Looper is fantastic.
What I liked:

To my knowledge, Looper has a very original plot, and a very enjoyable one. I loved the plot, the story takes place in a very interesting future, the streets are plagued with poverty, crime rules the alleyways and the rich live large. Together they make a very fun and interesting story. Levitt's narration guides us through some of the film's more complicated plot points, Looper never gets too complicated, for the most part it's easy to follow, sometimes it feels a little bit like a Terminator movie. The action is fantastic, while there was not as much action as I was expecting (which certainly is not a bad thing) Looper doesn't need to rely on heavy action scenes to pack a punch. But let me make one thing clear. Yes, Bruce Willis is a badass in this movie. The script is full of clever dialogue; this leads me into my next point.

Joseph Gordon Levitt is brilliant in Looper, I was never worried about his portrayal of a younger Bruce Willis and he really delivers. Levitt nails the aspects of Willis's personality, He's spot on with all the mannerisms and character traits, the brilliant makeup used also really compliments his performance. Bruce Willis is also great in Looper, you really end up feeling for his character, and he even goes to some very dark places to achieve his goal. Willis and Levitt have brilliant chemistry together, it's really fun watching their characters...well character interact. The script also provides lots of clever and funny dialogue for them to share. I really liked Emily Blunt in this movie; her character was very interesting, funny and emotional. She also shares a lot of scenes with Joseph Gordon Levitt, these two also share great chemistry. Surprisingly, the young actor Pierce Gagnon was actually really good; he worked well with Levitt and Blunt.

Looper has a great style; everything from the Cinematography to the music is brilliant. First of all I loved the editing, the quick cuts of the stop watch to the countless targets Levitt goes through weaves together brilliantly. I also loved how to two Joe's stories inter-weaved The Cinematography was brilliant, Looper is definitely a great film to look at, the city has a great sci-fi vibe, and other scenes provide great warmth. The music compliments both of these points, it can be exciting and heavy when it needs to be but also warm and sad if need be.

What I didn't like:

I only have one real complaint, the telekinesis, I honestly wasn’t expecting something like this to pop up in Looper. Certain people have a rare mutation which basically makes them telekinetic, at the start of the movie this is really just a little glimpse into how far Humans have come in the year 2044, we mainly see people levitating coins and what not. As the film progresses it’s clear that the TK’s have a far more important role than just levitating coins. Personally I didn’t like this, it seemed a little corny, especially towards the end of the film. While it did give reason for certain characters to actually be in the film I just didn't like it.
Overall Looper is a brilliant film; it's smart, engaging, fun and a very, very enjoyable time at the movies.

That's all I have to say so have a good day!
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