A Tasty Burger review: The Sweeney (2012)

A Tasty Burger review: The Sweeney (2012)

Today I'll be reviewing the film adaption of the 70's TV series, The Sweeney!

The Sweeney is the new film adaption of the popular 70's TV series.

Ray Winstone takes on the role of Jack Regan, the hardened leader of an elite Police force in London as they hunt down the killers of an innocent Woman during a robbery. The film also stars Ben Drew, AKA Plan B, Hayley Atwell and Damian Lewis. The Sweeney is directed by Nick Love.

I hadn't seen the original TV series before walking into the Sweeney, nor had I watched the trailers, well...except for that annoying Orange advert. As the credits rolled I was actually really impressed and I left the Cinema with a positive review formulating in my head. However, I did some research about the original series. My opinion soon changed.

What I liked:

Unlike a lot of other films in its genre The Sweeney actually has a relatively easy plot to follow, it wasn't too complicated and it allowed me to get invested. Whilst the plot was easy to follow that doesn't mean it was great, it was somewhat predictable and full of cliche's and maybe a little too easy to follow...

The Cinematography was great, right off the bat (pun intended...I'll get to that later) we're treated to grand shots of London, these are sprinkled throughout the film and they really are great to look at. The film has a very dark style, a few scenes in particular spring to mind when I think of how this was best expressed, including one in which Regan interrogates a thug. This mixed with the sound editing was just brilliant.

The action and music were great, there are some great chase scenes that are shot brilliantly and some equally cool shootouts, the music compliments these as well, even during some slower scenes the music is still exciting and helps build the tension. One small complaint about the action, it feels a little repetitive when we get to the third car chase.

What I didn't like:

The script is pretty awful, some of the first dialogue we are treated to features Ben Drew and his colleagues rating girls. There isn't much improvement from here. Like the plot it just wasn't a complex as it probably should have been, there's no interesting dialogue, a lot of it feels like it's been taken from every other Police movie and there's a lot of lines that doesn't really fit certain characters. However the biggest problem I had with the script was the constant use of the F word. I get it, this film is dark and gritty, I don't need to hear the F word every five minutes. This leads me into my next point.

I'm going to be blunt. Ben Drew can't act, stick to singing Mr B. I don't want to be harsh because I can't act but seriously, He was NOT good in this movie, and going back to my previous point, the script does not help him. He's a bad-ass in the action scenes but apart from that, he doesn't bring much to the table. And dare I say it, but he may actually have less facial expressions that Kristen Stewart... When I left the Cinema, I was actually really impressed with Ray Winstone's' performance, and it was good. But, after I did some research about the show an discussing it with my Father, I've come to this conclusion. He was too damn aggressive. One again going back to my previous point, every other word to come out of his mouth is the F word, as well as this he was pretty much always angry.However, Ray Winstone and Ben Drew do actually have pretty good chemistry together and it does make for some funny moments. He even shoots a thug in the hand! How did he get hired? Speaking of that...Baseball bats, baseball bats every where! No wonder they're trying to be shut down, The Sweeney actually use Baseball bats to take down criminals, In one scene Ben Drew actually throws one at a criminal, needless to say...He was unsuccessful.

On to my final point now, which is actually a complaint with a lot point. The Ray Winstone and Hayley Atwell relationship. And the Sex scenes. That's not dark and gritty. That's just weird. It was distracting was only there to provide a pretty weak plot point later on.

Overall while it has some fun action scenes and great cinematography, The Sweeney doesn't really bring anything new to the table.

Thanks for taking the time to read my first review! Please leave any criticism down below, I'm eager to hear any advice! My video review will probably be up tomorrow, that's all I have to say so have a good day!
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