A TheGoddamnSuperman Fan Fic "The Dark Knight Returns" Script Treatment and Fan Cast

A TheGoddamnSuperman Fan Fic "The Dark Knight Returns" Script Treatment and Fan Cast

A script Treatment for the Dark Knight Returns with a Fan Cast

Forward: This was inspired by an article of mine where I had connected clues from Zack Snyder to Christopher Nolan about a possible Dark Knight Returns Film Adaptation connecting to the Christopher Nolan series and The Legendary Graphic Novel Written by Frank Miller. This is my attempt to connect the two so that Nolan's films could live on and that Their could be future Batman Films No doubt i've made my own changes to the story, some might run across everyone well, others might not, but i just wanted to have a chance to show you guys my idea of How to add on to Nolan's Batman Trilogy without having to reboot it, I hope you guys enjoy reading this as much as i've enjoyed writing it, and i can only hope some of this sticks to Warners so that Christopher Nolan's Films have a long rich history before the inevitable reboot. So Please enjoy this as much as possible and please leave a comments with your opinions, constructive critism is encouraged, but please, no bashing, or insulting other CBM members, if you attack anyone attack me for a possible butchering of a great art, and thank you for reading.

Based on the Legendary Graphic Novel:
“BATMAN: THE DARK KNIGHT RETURNS” Authored and Illustrated by
Frank Miller, Lynn Varley, and Klaus Janson.
Batman Created by: Bob Kane and Bill Finger.
Script treatment by Robert Garlen

Scene: NEW GOTHAM, Gothic nightmare of steam punk design. Steam rises from its pit. Carol Ferris speaks O.S. to BRUCE WAYNE, 60. Mustached, driving an electric car, they speak about its flaws. The car begins beeping and screaming warnings at Bruce. He switches it too manual, it refuses. He cracks the circuitry, crashing the car to reveal we’re actually at:

GOTHAM RACE TRACK, Bruce is in the burning vehicle. Race cars race past onto the finish line. A Third voice speaks to us, revealing this footage to be new clips weeks old.

T.V. STATION, the news anchor is female, sexy, but strung out, effects of heat waves is apparent. She talks a bit about a crisis between American and foreign relations with the New Soviets. Her producer signals for a switch of topic, a writer enters giving her a separate story, talking about a gang called “THE MUTANTS” Then cut to video tape.

The Mutant’s Leader is shadowed distinct by a pair of red visors. He carries a threat to Commissioner Gordon. Cut to live feed, the reporter is MALE, dressed more office efficient. Heat waves are apparent on him also. He stands outside the GCPD Commissioner Gordon exits, now a healthy man of 80. Strong. He looks into the camera before even being asked and responds “NO COMMENT!”
We follow Gordon as he walks by the lone streets of Gotham. He walks by a particular torn up theater. He moves down the alley, seeing a rose set down on the alley.

Gordon is now at his own house, sitting in a large leather chair, cigar in mouth, beer in hand. He hands one over to a guest O.S. they speak briefly before Gordon names him as BRUCE. They talk about The Batman and the good he’s done for the city, active and inactive. Bruce talks about his regrets. Gordon mentions Barbara as his. Bruce replies his feelings over Dick and Jason. Gordon tells Bruce he knows about Elliot. Bruce ignores, and informs the commissioner to leave.

Bruce walks the streets of Gotham, talking to himself. TWO KIDS walk upon him. ONE MALE, ONE FEMALE. The Female begins offering him sex. The Male, a PIMP dressed with a red visor similar to the leaders, gets agitated. He pulls a piece Bruce stays calm.

The PIMP aims the gun, shaking. Bruce sees Joe Chill Flash before his eyes, Joe Chill, dead, holding the gun. He talks the Pimp out of doing it, they leave.
BRUCE lies in bed at WAYNE MANOR. Calmly sleeping, 8yr old Bruce runs the grounds, screaming Rachel’s Name. He grabs the arrow head and hides. BRUCE begins tossing. The cover breaks and 8YR BRUCE falls down the deserted well. BRUCE turns over, sweating, gripping the pillow for dear life. The well is entombed by BATS. 8YR OLD BRUCE covers his face as…

From bats turn into shadows, a click, then…

ARKHAM ASYLUM. A man sits in a chair, bandaged face. A Reporter at the far right, Two DOCTORS far Left. The Bandaged man is the focus as the reporter asks him questions. He tells them a story in response. The story involves his plastic surgery. The reporter unmasks his name “DR. THOMAS ELLIOT” He looks at the screen at the end of the short interview and says “Thank you, Bruce. My oldest, dearest friend, for forgiveness, for my sanity, for everything, I thank you.”

Bruce smiles. He clicks the remote.

The words “TYRONE POWER IS…” Appear on a television screen, glaring from moon light. Then the words are replaced by “ZORRO”

Bruce sits in an old wood chair. He rests his arms on the arm rests. He flips the switch on the remote and sips a glass of chilled wine. Now on the T.V. is Mefistofele. He sits back talking to himself. The scene is where Bruce left off in Batman Begins. The Demons crawling over hell as Mephisto sings. The images haunt Bruce. The demons turn to screaming Bats.

He relieves the tragedy, leaving the opera while watching it on the t.v. His father winking at him, Chill mugging them, Bruce’s eyes widen as he watches the same events the same age. The Gunshot! Bruce winces as he did when he was 8, his mother is shot. His father looks to him, and speaks his last words.

Standing over his father is BATMAN! Young Bruce slowly morphs into Old Bruce holding his father in his arms, dressed in the same suit. Bruce runs, BATMAN taunts him for giving up. BATMAN mentions Dent, Rachel, Jason. Bruce runs to an ally to a dead end. Batman hovers over him as…

BRUCE. Unharmed, stands, naked in the BATCAVE, shadows masking him, Alfred says to bruce O.S. “Let the night shadow cloak the spirit of the man once known as Bruce Wayne.” This snaps Bruce out, he turns to Alfred. Alfred notices Bruce’s mustache and informs him of the time.

Bruce hits the shower. He stands the water hits him, speaking to himself, to Batman. Batman taunts him like he did in the ally. Bruce realizes, he never stopped needing Batman.

He moves back to the Batcave and looks around. He finds his First Bat suit (Batman Begins Suit) He stares at it. Then at an old TUMBLER model. Alfred reappears. He talks to Bruce about a story Thomas once told him. About a time in the depression during Halloween, where He dressed as a Super Hero who dressed in grey and Blue, and had saved a woman from being raped (woman turns out to be Martha).

A woman walks the streets, bag of food in her hand. A man calls out to her, and attempts to rape her. A figure in the shadows beats the shit out of him.
The shadow leaves and the punk lies on the ground beaten. The girl looks into the night sky. The heat wave is broken by the crashing of thunder and lightning, accompanied by rain.

Cab driver pulls up to a fair. Two enter, we notice one is the Mutant PIMP and the other is the girl from earlier. The Pimp bribes the cabbie and starts insulting the girl and smacking her, the cabbie looks away and says nothing. A second door opens the cabbie doesn’t even pay attention, the Pimp screams. The cabbie moves to turn his head but is stopped by a strap. A gloved hand moves to his pocket, pulls the bills out and shreds them.

Three Teenagers walk across to an arcade labeled “PALMER’S” one teenager is CARRIE KELLY, the other is TERRY McGINNIS, and the third is his girlfriend, Carrie’s best friend DANA TAN.

They each argue about the MUTANTS crossing them. The mutants cross them messing with them. The leader isn’t present. They’re surrounded by Mutants.
A shadow drops on them then disappears with them. Seconds later it drops back and beats the circle of attackers. The three look from a safe area, Carrie sees the shadow move.

NEXT MORNING… The halls of Arkham ring with the voice of a reporter speaking of recent BATMAN attacks, ELLIOT watches each cell he passes, on of them is that of a pale faced JOKER. His scars deep, staring with his lifeless eyes. His lip begin mouthing a word, a sound slips, and He licks his scars, and speaks a single word “BATMAN.”

Press conference is held outside Arkham. A reporter stands outside. DR. THOMAS ELLIOT exits the hospital. He aside the TWO DOCTORS, now named DR. WHOLPER and DR. HERBERT, talk of his rehabilitation.

Gordon and Bruce watch the event from Gordon’s office at GCPD. They argue over Elliot’s rumored mental health. As Bruce moves to leave Gordon asks “Is he back?” and Bruce replies “Yes.” They both know neither is talking about Elliot.
NIGHT. A group of four are playing poke in a rundown apartment, listening to the news covering THOMAS ELLIOT. They’re talking about his days as HUSH. A hand creeps in the door, switches the T.V. off. They turn to see a BANDAGED MAN standing in the door way, he comments “Hush always had a way with messing with Batman, let’s bring a ghost into the game.” He flicks HARVEY’s COIN onto the table and finishes by saying “I Call.”

An Armored car smashes the fuck of the city streets, two squad cars run after it. Inside the first Squad car, TWO MALE OFFICERS, one a young rooky, no older than twenty, the second an old man, he watches the kid while driving.
The BAT’S shadow moves over the cars and lands onto the Armored car! It swerves and crashes. BATMAN moves into a higher point into the building, the thugs scramble in.

The TWO MALE OFFICERS check the car. The loot is GONE. The young one heads to the door. The Older one argues, the young ignores, he calls for back up, SWAT.
He enters the building. We have FOUR THUGS in the building stumbling through the lobby of the building. BATMAN taunts them. They threaten to kill a baby. BATMAN lets them know one way or another they’ll tell him what he wants to know about the missing boy.

They shoot in the air, BATMAN laughs. He breaks from the ground snatching one of them. They fire, too late. Batman comes from the ceiling on the second. TWO down, TWO to go. They panic. They turn back to back. BATMAN Appears, he stops a thug from talking and yanks him into the shadows. The third freaks the fuck out! He fires his gun everywhere.

He runs tripping over himself into the basement. BATMAN follows. The rooky trails behind. BATMAN waits in the shadows, the Rooky approaches the THUG. BATMAN hits the Rooky, and kicks the thug in the stomach. BATMAN takes him down, leaving him conscious. The rooky grabs his gun. The Old cop tries to reason with the rooky. Batman pulls something from the thug’s pocket that chills him, HARVEY’S COIN. LIGHTS HIT! BATMAN hears the helicopters and looks at the rooky cop.

BATMAN disappears into the shadow, leaving the rooky looking stupid for calling SWAT.

DAY. Bruce enters WAYNE ENTERPRISES. Tyrone Power sits at the CEO desk. Bruce informs him of his displeasure with the company. POWERS smarts off letting him now that he can always replace BRUCE, Bruce smiles and tells him to try.
BRUCE leaves, and is visited at the door of a limo by GORDON. They talk briefly about BATMAN. Gordon asks Bruce to find out who placed the COIN on the thug. Bruce agrees.

GORDON stands atop GCPD he walks over to the broken BAT SIGNAL. He creases it, looking at it, he sees his younger self shattering the glass and breaking the SIGNAL.

TWO LARGE REPAIR MEN appear next to Gordon, they ask if that’s it, he replies “Yes.”

NIGHT, The BAT SIGNAL lights, BATMAN and Gordon meet atop GCPD. Gordon let’s BATMAN in on a recent heist involving TWO HELICOPTERS and a LARGE SUM OF MONEY, BATMAN knows it’s who ever planted the coin. Gordon informs him of the recent release of GCPD.

BATMAN pays the THUG a visit in HUSH’S Apartment. BATMAN interrogates him. The Thug tells Batman, he has to choose, either save WAYNE TOWER or save the 11 month old heir to the Ridley Gum Fortune. He tells BATS where the baby is being kept.

BATMAN goes for the BABY. He saves it, without killing.

BATMAN torches the warehouse holding them ties the Thugs up, and gives the baby to a cop, we notice the name “Montoya” on the badge.

WE HEAR THE SWOOSHING OF HELICOPTERS. BATMAN stands on a building opposite of both helicopters. He ponders to himself whether Elliot is still HUSH, or sane, and why make it so easy to save the baby and get to WAYNE TOWER.

The HELICOPTERS FIRE on the top level of the building, BATS attacks the helicopter, he fires his grappling gun at the helicopter and connects. HE swings with it. He climbs up the Rope and pulls HUSH with him they both crash into WAYNE TOWER.

HUSH and BATMAN battle. BATMAN wins, unmasks HUSH to reveal DR. THOMAS ELLIOT. They talk, Elliot laughs and tells BATS theirs a bomb planted somewhere in the building. BATMAN interrogates him, but he refuses to tell him.

No one sees the events of the inside. All we hear is a loud BANG! BATMAN FLIES OUT OF THE WINDOW, THE TOP LEVEL BLOWS UP!

DAY, JOKER sits in the visitor’s center, speaking to a large man, TOYMAN. Toyman tells JOKER that he’s built something for his escape plan, Joker tells him to save them, and that ELLIOT gave him a great idea how to break out.
JOKER visits WHOLPER’s office, and confesses to his crimes and breaks down into tears.

GORDON stumbles the street. He enters a liquor store. A gun is held to him, he turns to see the person holding the gun is a young 13 yr old kid. The kid holds the gun, Gordon attempts to convince the kid to tell him where he can find the mutant leader, the kid shoots and misses, Gordon’s reflexes act and he shoots the child point blank.

CARRY KELLY’S HOME. TERRY, DANA, and CARRY all sit around her room, Carry stands to the mirror, they argue over who should be the new robin. CARRY wins the argument by showing off a store bought ROBIN COSTUME. She fashions a yellow cape to the outfit and a sling shot.

Carry leaves through the window, Terry and Dana follow.

WASHINGTON D.C. President JOHNATAHN REGAN sits in the white house, looking out into the yard. SUPERMAN enters. They talk about the BATMAN. President calls SUPERMAN by Kent. SUPERMAN tells the president to give him a chance to talk to BATMAN before assaulting him.

The NEWS STATIONS cover the BATMAN, the reporters we see speaking on his Behalf are LANA LANG, and VICKY VALE.

We track ROBIN as she moves through the city solving petty crimes. BATMAN stalks a bigger prey, at a DRUG DEAL he kidnaps a DRUG MUTANT. He hangs him from the top of WAYNE TOWER. BATMAN interrogates him as to where the leader is!
BATMAN drops him off at GCPD. BATMAN is ready for a full on attack for the MUTANT LEADER.

He finds ROBIN walking into convenience store. He smiles until he notices the weird NAZI CHICK, BRUNO, holding the place up with a second, scrawnier man.
BATMAN attacks Bruno and saves ROBIN.

SUPERMAN flies in unseen and takes BRUNO out, while telling Bruce they need to talk.

Bruce responds by telling him they’ll talk on his terms.
Impressed by her will, he takes her under his wing.

JOKER exits DR. WHOLPER’s office. They are greeted by the media where Wholper claims he’s done the impossible, he’s cured THE JOKER.

BATMAN stands atop the buildings, watching as Cops hunt for him. SUPERMAN appears. They talk, SUPERMAN attempts to convince him to stop. BATMAN does all but give him the finger. He turns his back on SUPERMAN and calls him a government tool. SUPERMAN leaves.

The Joker along with Dr.Wholper go on T.V. where JOKER claims to want to publicly apologize.

BATMAN and CARRY train. They listen to the JOKER about his plans to publicly apologize. BATMAN knows better. He knows something’s wrong. JOKER announces he’ll be on T.V. within hours. BATMAN and ROBIN get ready.
They’re stalking the JOKER.

JOKER’S HIDEOUT. TOYMAN speaks to the MUTANT LEADER, he tells him the plan for getting the BATMAN. M.L. agrees to JOKER’S plan. TOYMAN laughs, he pulls a curtain back reveal a beaten SELINA KYLE dressed like WONDER WOMAN.
DAY. WAYNE MANOR, Bruce and Clark talk, Clark tries to dissuade Bruce from staying BATMAN. Convincing him of the greater good BATMAN could do by stopping. Bruce get’s agitated and leaves.

NIGHT… JOKER, make up on like the old days, arrives on live t.v. with a bag over his back. BATMAN discovers SELINA in the HIDEOUT. SELINA tells him JOKER is planning something bigger then GOTHAM. JOKER throws out toy dolls to the audience. BATMAN unties Selina, they KISS. Joker gives a final doll to the host. The host asks the Joker questions as to why the make-up. Joker laughs faking being uneasy.

Joker answers the question saying “I wanted to see the look on all your faces when I told you this was the last time you’d ever see this face” The audience applauds. The Joker Laughs, he’s being taken backstage, he exits the building as it EXPLODES!!!

The Joker gets into an Armored Truck adorned with “SLAUGHTER IS THE BEST MEDICINE” sprayed onto the back.

The Armored Car runs off, The TUMBLER follows him. The Joker laughs he knows BATMAN’s following him. He heads for the CIRCUS. A vision of DICK hits BATMAN. He shakes it off, with Carry and follows through on the pursuit.

A LARGE GARBAGE TRUCK hits the TUMBLER, swerving into a landfill! BATMAN stops. ROBIN exits the TUMBLER. BATMAN races on, surrounded by MUTANT GANG MEMBERS, BATS continues driving, they fire upon him, He fires back!

Finally he comes full circle to MUTANT LEADER, Broad. Built like a literal monster, his infamous red visors over his eyes. On his arm are twenty or thirty VENOM PATCHES.

The M.L. Challenges BATMAN directly. BATMAN exits the TUMBLER and the two warriors fight. The fights is nothing less of a horrific Clown show, meets real backyard wrestling, meets ninja fighting. The fight is: age, Experience, and Skill vs. Youth, Strength, and Durability. The M.L. takes an upper hand he cracks BATS ribs, He’s about to kill him, ROBIN hits him with three SMOKE PELLETS. The M.L. starts screaming. BATMAN gets hold of the M.L. and interrogates him to find out he’s working with THE JOKER.

BATMAN alerts Gordon and ties the leader up, and finishes his pursuit of the JOKER. BATMAN arrives to the circus almost untouched. BATMAN and ROBIN separate. JOKER catches ROBIN, he slams her with a crowbar, and ties her to a caracal. BATMAN finds ROBIN hanging from the caracal and a KID holding a BOMB DOLL.

BATMAN makes a move for the kid, TOYMAN steps in his way. BATMAN dislocates TOYMAN’s shoulder and breaks his arm.

He races to the kid, fires his grappling gun, He’s almost at the kid when…

BATS saves her. Leaving her somewhere she can’t get down without his help.
GORDON and his squad, which includes ELLEN YINDEL, and RENAE MONTOYA, plus SWAT sweep the area, GORDON finds BATS going into THE HALL OF MIRRORS.
BATMAN enters, surrounded by reflection. BAT’S, JOKER’S plus HOSTAGE, GORDON’S. JOKER has a gun to a little boy’s head. LAUGHING. He brings up beating JASON to death. BATMAN has a flashback, as if he was tied to a chair while watching JASON TODD get beat.

BATMAN is enraged. He throws a batarang at a JOKER. WRONG. He does again, still hitting the wrong one. A bullet passes him, BINGO! BATMAN throws a final BATARANG hitting the JOKER in the face, cutting his eye open!

JOKER let’s go of the boy, he books it. BATMAN and GORDON follow.
JOKER enters the “TUNNEL OF LOVE” fitting for what’s about to happen.
JOKER shoots a couple on a paddle swan. BATMAN enters before GORDON.
JOKER catches BATMAN off guard, he stabs him in the stomach, dislocates his shoulder.

THEY FIGHT! It’s a battle of the best, like watching ALI in his prime fighting TYSON, a dirty fight all around. BATMAN has the JOKER. His leg’s broken, only one working arm. JOKER just lies in pain, laughing.

He tells BATMAN they were destined to do this forever. Joker takes his working arm and twists his head. BATMAN grabs the JOKER’s NECK. GORDON arrives, Gun pointed at BATMAN. He fires a shot by him BATMAN tells GORDON why he has to do it.

“The Next one will drop you. You have to think about what you’re doing. Who and what made you who you are. Your role models, the beliefs they instilled in you. And think about how the JOKER could never understand that. It’s what makes him who he is, think. God help me you have thought this through. In the eyes of the law, in my eyes, you’ll be no different from him. And I will personally lead the task force to bring you in.”-GORDON

“How many more lives have to die because of him?”-BATMAN

“I don’t care. But I’m not going to let him ruin yours.”-GORDON

GORDON is reluctant after what happened with Elliot. BATMAN tells GORDON about ELLIOT having a bomb strapped to his chest, blowing up.

GORDON believes BATMAN. BATMAN asks why. GORDON responds “If you really did kill Elliot, I couldn’t have stopped you.”

BATMAN and GORDON hear the SWAT officers and YINDEl approaching.
BATMAN and GORDON talk about how to explain the JOKER. GORDON shoots him in the head. BATMAN looks shocked at GORDON.

“Bruce. RUN.”-GORDON

“Why Jim?”-BATMAN

“Years ago, when the city needed it, when he killed Dent and created Two Face, you were the cities DARK KNIGHT. It’s time I returned the favor, and let the DARK KNIGHT RETURN.”

“I never said ‘Thank you.’”-BATMAN

“And you’ll never have to.”-GORDON

BATMAN flees by GORDON’s request, and let’s GORDON take the blame for JOKER’s Murder.

MORNING. ELLEN YINDEL is announced COMMISSIONER, and opens a manhunt on the BATMAN, for numerous crimes broken.

NIGHTFALL. BATMAN watches from the cave the interior of GCPD and MCU. He’s putting a plan together.

MUTANT gang leaders rock the inside of MCU. They break free, BATMAN watches from the cave. They waste no time.

BATMAN hit’s a button, comments “this should keep him busy.”

RUSSIA. A nuke launches, BATMAN voices over “He wouldn’t be so stupid as to allow a 50 megaton warhead hit America just to catch me taking down a gang, not his style. Never has been. Bu the real treat is what’s in the warhead.”

It lands and ERUPTS!

“MARS is a baron wasteland. No real life, any of it died years ago when it’s last son came here. To my town.”

We see the withered Skeleton of SUPERMAN. Slowly it grows back into full form.
“I’ll have to see an old friend for the other half of PLAN A.”

GOTHAM. Groups of MUTANTS run rampid in the streets. MUTANTS crawl into the pipes, shawshank style heading for the Main Land. Most get out.

MCU. The leader sits in his cell. Gordon approaches him, they talk. Gordon talks quick, he says a final word “GOODBYE.”

The lights go out! We hear screaming.

A group of MUTANTS stand waiting for their Leader’s escape to continue with chaos. They surround a large drainage tube.


Stepping out is the man who just tossed their leader like a fuckin’ ragdoll. THE GODDAMN BATMAN!

He steps out.



They fight, this time is very different then the first, this is a complete domination. BATMAN takes a hold of the leader beating him like a bastard child. The leader cries.


“You don’t get it BOY. You don’t understand, this ISN’T a mud hole. THIS IS AN OPERATING TABLE and I’M THE SURGEON.”-BATMAN

BATMAN beats the leader into submission.

BATMAN rides atop a horse, leading the men into GOTHAM. The MUTANTS are now renegades. THEY ATTACK.

OVER THE CITY, SUPERMAN WATCHES. BRUCE and CLARK exchange looks. They know what’s next.

BATMAN, CARRIE, TERRY, DANA, and ALFRED all stand in a hallow WAYNE MANOR.
They’re trashing everything, Pouring GASOLINE.

“It’s funny. This is the second time my own house has burned down, and I get blamed for both”-BATMAN.

BATMAN gives each of the four boxes. He orders them not to open it until a certain time.

BATMAN pulls on an ARMORED BATSUIT. Carrie takes his regular suit with her.
BATMAN sets it up. CARRIE, TERRY, and DANA lead a group to a cave at the south east corner. The Group all wear black leather with a BAT painted on their face. Terry asks who they are, and Carrie responds “Their HIS sons, the SONS OF THE BATMAN.”

GOTHAM CITY. BATMAN STANDS. ARMORED. SUPERMAN LANDS. BATMAN speaks to himself. SUPERMAN looks at him, he begins talking to BATMAN pleading with him to stop.
BATMAN shakes his head.

ALFRED stands outside Wayne Manor, he reads his note “12:00, Burn It.” He strikes a match, the MANOR goes up in flames. Alfred stands and Watches as it Burns to the ground. Finally when it’s all down, He strokes. Falling onto the cold Manor steps, DEAD.

BATMAN tells SUPERMAN about how he sold the SUPERS out to the government, they FIGHT, a literal CLASH OF THE TITANS.

SUPERMAN Doesn’t Dominate, BATMAN holds his own. SUPERMAN points out BATMAN’s flaws, and grabs his armor ripping it to shreds. Soon it’s down to BRUCE, and SUPERMAN. BRUCE fights still, as POLICE HELICOPTERS SURROUND THEM, THEY KNOW IT’S BRUCE WAYNE, SUPERMAN sold them out.


OLLIE FIRES AN ARROW AT SUPERMAN, He catches a lead arrow head, it explodes! A green Cloud surrounds them. SUPERMAN flies in the air to get away but stops, chocking, The Helicopters land the mist disappears and BRUCE is on the ground, SUPERMAN listens in, NO PULSE.

FUNERAL, BRUCE WAYNE in a casket, SELINA KYLE, CLARK KENT, LANA LANG, VICKY VALE, TERRY McGUINESS, CARRIE (in disguise), DANA TAN, and more appropriately dressed MEMBERS of the SONS OF BATMAN. Clark stands at the grave, truly sorry.
He stands nearly alone, SELINA screams and calls him a murderer. Clark doesn’t defend himself. After SELINA leaves, he looks to Carrie and smiles.

“His legacy is yours now.”-CLARK

BRUCE voices over, he tells her the plan worked, reveals that the casket was weighted with ALFRED inside. WE REVEAL THEY’RE…

IN A HIGHTECH BATCAVE. TOGETHER, everyone, TERRY dressed in an advanced BATSUIT, DANA dressed like BATGIRL, and even CARRIE in a new costume, an updated CATWOMAN costume.

BRUCE declares the cave their home, and dedicates their mission to protecting GOTHAM CITY.



BRUCE WAYNE/BATMAN- The Dark Knight, in his 60’s has returned from a well enjoyed retirement to resume his position as Gotham’s Winged Avenger in hopes of stopping the criminal element known as the Mutants from taking a strong hold on Gotham and bringing it back to its former glory.

CHRISTIAN BALE- Since I tailored my script treatment to fit the Nolan Universe, and the film would more then likely come out as Batman 4, I figured I’d have Christian Bale in, as he is young enough to do action and decent Photo-realistic CGI or more likely damn good make up to age him he would fit perfectly as Batman.

MICHAEL KEATON- I loved his portrayel in Tim Burton’s now cult classic BATMAN(89) where he played The Dark Knight Detective. Personally it’s my 2nd favorite Batman actor. And a lot of his performance reminded me of The Dark Knight Returns styled Batman, which leads me to believe he would be ideally placed for the role.

JEFFERY DEAN MORGAN- I love the actor, he did such a great job as Comedian in Watchmen, and to be honest I would want to throw him a challenge, so I figured this is a role I would like to challenge him with, he’s a good actor and has no worries sporting make up to look 60 or older, and he’s got the right voice for the character, his portrayal as Batman could be very iconic and I would very much enjoy seeing him play Dark Knight Returns Batman.

ALFRED PENNYWORTH- Bruce’s trusted, elderly butler, now in his late 80’s to early 90’s he still takes care of Bruce, and even goes as far as aiding him on his journey to return to the Batman.

MICHAEL CAIN-He’s by far my favorite Alfred. He’s done amazing work as the character and would be my absolute top choice for the role.

MATT FREWER- He did a great job as Moloch in Watchmen, and he looks exactly like DKR Alfred, I feel he has a great chance at replacing Michael Cain should he ever choose not to stay in the role of Alfred.

STEPHEN McHATTIE- Yes a 3rd Watchmen Alumni, he’s a great actor who’s got the skill, the spirit, and the design of Alfred, I think he’s one of the more creative choices for the role of Wayne’s butler.

CARRIE KELLY/ROBIN- A young girl inspired by the Dark Knight when being saved by him from a gang of mutants Carrie Kelly took the little bit of money she had and bought a Robin Costume and began a streak as Batman’s unofficial Robin

CHLOE GRACE MORETZ- A young rising star, she’s shown that she has more skill then most actresses and the idea of her as Carrie Kelly is a warm thought to know such an amazing actress would be serving the role.

HAILEE STEINFELD-Debuting in the Coen Brother’s True Grit this girl shows some amazing talent that hopefully will never go away. She might be a bit older then the character but age usually isn’t that much a problem in Hollywood and would be a magnificent choice for being the New Robin.

COMMISSIONER JAMES GORDON- The aging retiring commissioner of Gotham City. He fights to stay on as Commissioner when The Batman resurfaces knowing the identity of the Dark Knight.

GARY OLDMAN- He IS Commissioner Gordon.

TED LEVINE-A great actor and has been on everyone’s mind for the role Ted Levine is famous for portraying Buffalo Bill of Silence of the Lambs fame, and Police Cpt. Leland Stottlemeyer from hit t.v. series Monk. No doubt he could play this role with an enthusiastic ease.

JEFF BRIDGES- Probably the right age for the role of the aged Commissioner this is a good choice in my opinion, he was purely amazing in True Grit and in Tron Legacy, no doubt a great choice for Commissioner Gordon.

TOYMAN- The Joker’s bomb maker, and former pedophile supervillain, Toyman makes explosives for The Joker and in this incarnation of the DKR story Hush, replacing DKR character Abner.

PAUL GIAMATTI- A good actor usually wanted for the role of The Owl from Marvel Comics Daredevil. I’ve always seen him playing this role, he has the ability and look to play the character and usually does a damn good job playing villains.

PHILLIP SEYMOUR HOFFMAN- An amazing actor, popular choice for the role of Oswald Cobblepot (A.K.A. The Penguin). I feel he would do an equally amazing job as Giamatti for the role of Toyman.

MUTANT LEADER- Crazed Cult Leader determend to bring down Gotham and establish a new world order the Mutant Leader brainwashes the minds of Gotham’s youth, and unguided into his nightmarish gang in attempt to control the city.

GLENN JACOBS- Not a great actor, but he has the size muscle and voice to play this type of role and seems rather perfect for the role of the Mutant Leader.

DEREK MEARS- Another great choice for the specific role, he’s got size look and voice all working for him in this role.

BRUNO- Considered by Batman as Joker’s girlfriend, she’s a grazed possible transgenders Neo Nazi with two Swastikas tattooed onto her breast.

JOANIE LAURIE- Known mainly as WWF’s Chyna she’s left wrestling to pursue a career in acting, which hasn’t exactly payed off, but her looks and size and ability make her literally a perfect choice for the short role of Bruno.

FAMKE JANSEN- A great actress, and in my opinion very attractive I feel she’s a good enough actress to pull of this type of role without making it seem very ridiculous.

THOMAS ELLIOT/HUSH- Replacing Harvey Dent, so that I may connect the events of the Dark Knight Returns to Director Christopher Nolan’s Batman Films, The choice for a replacement for Two Face (as he is officially deceased) came between Hush and Dr. Hugo Strange, I chose Hush because he makes for the better villain in this case, being close to Bruce Wayne, and making sense as a good replacement for Two Face.

Thomas Elliot has one before undergone Plastic Surgery in an attempt to kill and replace Bruce Wayne as the head of Wayne Enterprises. The Treatment takes that idea that Thomas Elliot to be reformed has taken Psychological Treatment and undergone surgery yet again so that he may have his face restored to its original look.

GUY PEARCE- Many fans of Christopher Nolan films have wanted to see Guy Pierce in a Batman Film as a villain, while this is only connected he was the first actor to come to mind when wanting to cast the role of Hush. He’s a fantastic Actor and would be one of my top choices for the role.

MARK RUFFALO- No doubt a great actor, not my top choice for the role of Bruce Banner, but a really good choice for the role of Hush, he’s got talent, and wouldn’t be afraid of taking a very physical role which gives him good opportunity to play the new batvillain.

JOSH BROLIN- Another great actor, who frankly needs something to cover up Jonah Hex on his profile, would fit well as Hush, he’s got an aggressiveness in his acting that really calls to me as making him a great choice for the role of Hush.

JOKER- The aged villain, returning to his natural self after being vegetative for over ten years due to Batman’s disappearance, Returns to create chaos and destruction .

DANIEL DAY LEWIS- A great actor and literally the very first person that came to mind for the role.

CHRISTOPH WALTZ-An Amazing actor, with great talent, having already one an Oscar would be absolutely perfect for the role of an aged Joker.

RALPH FIENNES- Another great actor, who does a lot of physical movement and a great characterization that, fits for the joker.

SELINA KYLE- An aged woman beyond her prime, still in love with Bruce and Batman, she falls victim to the Joker’s plot and is used as bait for Batman.

CARLA GUGINO-I loved her performance as Sally Jupiter in Watchmen and had thought it would be delightful to have the actress play the aged Catwoman.

LINDA HAMILTON- A great actress and famous for the role of Sarah Conner in James Cameron’s classic The Terminator, would be a lovely addition as the aged Catwoman.

SEAN YOUNG- Once heavily pursued the role of Catwoman, she’s a great actress and would show a type of resolution in her casting as dear old Selina Kyle.

OLIVER QUEEN- The Aged Emerald Archer, now left with only one arm and little sanity he aids Batman in his attempt to help put Superman in his place.

JOHN MALKOVICH-Can you really name anyone who plays a Crazy old man and makes it look fun?

JOHNNY DEPP- I’ll admit I like him as an actor, and felt I owed putting him on a fan cast for a while, and he’s great at playing nut job heroic types so I figured for a small role in DKR he would be well placed for Oliver.

SUPERMAN-Now a government lapdog Superman watches over the U.S. like a mindless hulk paying no attention the liberties and freedoms being slowly stripped away from the people of the United States.

WHO EVER ZACK SNYDER HIRES- He’s working on SUPERMAN I can trust his judgment on it.

ANYONE FROM MY FAN CAST- Check my SUPERMAN fan cast to see my choices to see the many i would screen test for superman: http://www.comicbookmovie.com/fansites/robertgarlenoncmb/news/?a=26365

NEW COMMISSIONER ELLEN YINDEL- New GCPD Commissioner taking the reins from Gordon, establishes that any officer of GCPD that makes contact with the Batman must arrest him.

LENA HEADY- Famous for her work in The Sarah Conner Chronicles, she is a great actress at playing tough female characters and is my top choice for Ellen Yindel, (and Wonder Woman.)

ELLEN PAGE- A great actress and fantastic in the craft, If she went through Police Training I feel she could give an elegant and natural performance for the role of Ellen Yindel

CARRIE MULLIGAN- Great actress she gave an amazing performance in Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps. I feel she would be a great addition as Commissioner Yindel and give a flawless performance.

TERRY McGINNIS- Young friend of Carrie Kelly and fan of the Batman joins the Sons of the Batman after discovering Carrie’s place and Seeing the Batman become leader of the group once known as the mutants.

THOMAS DEKKER- Great young actor and fan favorite for the role, he has my full support for the role of Terry McGuinness who will one day replace Bruce Wayne as The Batman.

LOGAN LERHMAN- Another fine young actor, who is as good for the role as anyone, still young enough to do pretty much any stunt this makes him ideal for the role of Batman for a future Batman Beyond Film.

DANA TAN- Terry’s longtime Girlfriend having dated for years, she is the love of his life and the best friend of Carrie Kelly. She becomes Batgirl after both Terry and Carrie take roles in The Batman’s elite gang known as “Sons of the Batman”

JAMIE CHUNG-A favorite actress of mine, she’s beautiful, young, and talented and would have a great chance at playing the role if included in the Zack Snyder version of The Dark Knight Returns.

KATIE LEAUNG- Best known for her role as Cho Chang in the Harry Potter Series, she’s a great young actress who has promised talent that I could see being strong enough for the role.
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