Action Figure Fix (New 52 Superman)

Action Figure Fix (New 52 Superman)

What I think needs to be fixed with the prototype New 52 figures...

Now, I know that the current pics we have of New 52 action figures are only prototypes, but I really felt fixing some of them up digitally just for fun.

Here is the original photo (keep in mind, the figure is a PROTOTYPE... it will go through revisions before hitting stores):

Here are my digital changes:

I didn't think the blue needed to be as obnoxiously vibrant as it was. I also slightly adjusted the red and yellow to more accurately fit what you see in the pages of Justice League.

The eyes were bugging me a bit because they were too small and angular, so I changed that up as well. The face in general needs a touch-up.

I would have also liked to have changed the hairstyle and brought the collar down a bit, but there is only so much one can change digitally.

I think the approach to these action figures should be the same approach that film studios take for their costume. The suits need to look plausible for this world, while still maintaining the look and feel of the source material.
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