Amazing Avengers Fan Poster

Amazing Avengers Fan Poster

Many of us were disappointed in the posters for The Avengers. Here's a design that I believe would have been more satisfying.

Today I came across this poster on Deviantart and felt that it deserved to be shared. Obviously, as a fanart painting, it lacks the logo and the quality of the image is not quite up to the standard of something that a studio would use for an official poster. However, I believe the composition of the picture is superior to that of the official Avengers poster. If this design was put brought to life by professionals, it could have been something pretty special. This poster was painted by madadman on Deviantart.

Avengers by ~madadman on deviantART

What do you think? Is this a better design, or do you prefer Marvel's official poster?

Personally I find the disproportionate size of Captain America and the Hulk in comparison to the rest of the team hard to forgive, but that's just me. Leave a comment and tell me which of the posters you believe is better.
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