Amazing Spider-man 2 plot and cast

Amazing Spider-man 2 plot and cast

This is my full plot and cast for the amazing spider-man 2

Since we all know there is a gonna be an amazing spider-man 2 I decided to make a plot and fan cast for the movie.I'm writing down a full plot so this article may be a little long. But hopefully it is interesting and good enough so you won't get bored. Before I do that I'm gonna show you my cast for the movie.My other fan cast article got deleted so you might wanna
see this if you missed it

Returning cast

Peter Parker/Spider-man-Andrew Garfield

Gwen Stacy- Emma Stone

Aunt May- Sally Field

Dr.Connors- Rhys Ifans

Flash Thompson- Chris Zylka

New Cast

Liz Allen- Skyler Shaye
Now i know what you guys are thinking she can't act but here me out.She looks the part and this is a very small role even the worst actress couldn't mess it up.

Randy Robertson- Michael B Jordan
I chose him because he is a pretty good at acting as an high school teen and if he could bring some good traits to the character if given a bigger role in a sequel.

Max Dillon/Electro- Emile Hirsch
This guy is amazing he brings emotion in every role. I remember watching alpha dogs and seeing him take over the whole movie.

Quentin Beck/Mysterio- Jack Davenport
I really liked him in Pirates of the Caribbean and his accent would be great for the role.Also he could bring the sense of a pathetic loser needed for mysterio.

J.Jonah Jameson-Darren Norris
This guy is funny in Ned's declassified and fairly odd parents. Also he voiced Jamenson in the series Spectacular spider-man one of the best adaptions of the comic to date

Robbie Robertson- John Amos
I looked really long for this small role and was gonna give up on him but then I saw a picture of John Amos and I thought he would be interesting. Also he could create a cool dynamic between him and Randy if explored

Betty Brant- Aubrey Plaza
Every fan cast I see zooey deschanel is Betty with good reason she'd be perfect.But I want to be different and I think this is the second best choice

Harry Osborne- Jamie Bell
I love this choice and pat myself on the back for being one of the only people to think of this.Jamie Bell is a great actor that could bring the emotion and won't upstage Garfield.

I decided to recast to roles for different reasons

Ralph Fiennes- Norman Osborn

I chose Ralph Fiennes over Steven Weber because he has more experience playing a villain(e.g Voldemort) and more people are familiar with his work.Which can bring in new fans to the movie and franchise.

If you can see I have two picks for Mary Jane

Laura Voldemort-Mary Jane Watson

I chose her because she is hot enough and was is a pretty good actress starring in This is war and in smallville.Also, she did the voice for Mary Jane in Spider-man web of shadows so she already has the character under
her belt. The one problem I have is while good looking she looks a little too old to be in high school.


Leighton Meester- Mary Jane Watson

I don't what it is but she is very likeable in most of her role and I feel that is a very important character trait for MJ. She was
pretty good in The Oranges and amazing in Country Strong.

Now that's over here is my plot for the movie.

The movie begins with Mysterio robbing a bank and Spider-man swings in and fights him while cracking jokes.

When the fight is over Mysterio is put in jail and spider-man leaves before the cops come. After the fight Gwen calls him

from the basketball game and says that he is late to take pictures. At the game you see Liz Allen as a cheerleader,

Flash and Randy Robertson playing in the game. While taking pictures Peter sees the back of the head of girl with red hair,

and when she turns around Gwen Stay distracts him before he can see her face. She asks where was he and he says he was fighting

Mysterio again. They talk, she asks if he can make it to the unveiling of her science project that will get her a scholarship

but he says he has to talk to Dr. Connors in prison. She is mad because he goes the jail every week to

talk to him and he finds out nothing. She also says he is the bad guy who killed her father. Peter

corrects her and says the lizard killed father and that he is trying to find out about his parents past. He

also says he will make it up too her later. The next scene is Peter waking up for breakfast and talking to

aunt may. She asks if he met her friends niece Mary Jane Watson. He says he has a girlfriend and he

doesn't need to. He sees on a lot of bills on the table and asks her about it. She says don't worry about it

and eat your breakfast. He says he is the man of the house and he is going to help her pay the bills. She

says that she wishes uncle Ben could see the great man Peter is turning into. At Oscorp you see Dr.

Ratha walking giant office with a man sitting at a desk reading the daily bugle covering his face that

headlines Spider-man and caped menace try to rob bank. It turns out the man is Norman Osborn. While

walking around Dr. Ratha is talking about the cure and how Connors was close to it and how spider-

man is the answer of how it works. Norman Osborn says they need more test subjects for the

enhancement cure. He also says they need to fix the antenna on the building. Dr. Rratha says Max will

get it. Norman Osborn tell Dr. Ratha to take his son Harry to school. At the high school you see Gwen

and Peter in Biology they are talking. Randy throws a basketball at peter's head and him and flash

laugh. Liz tells them to leave Petey alone. Flash is jealous and throws paper balls at peter's head.

The teacher Mr. Warren comes in and sees them he tells them to pick them up. During class Peter isn't

listening and when the girl with red hair from before comes to deliver something he tries to see her

face. But the door closes before he can see her face. At the end of the class the teacher gives and

important end of the year project that is half of their grade and they need partners. Everyone is assigned

a partner and Peter is partnered with rich kid at the back of the class Harry Osborn. After class Peter

to talk to harry to arrange when they work on the project. But Harry acts very snobby and closed off.

Eventually they set the time at Harry’s house for tomorrow night. After school peter goes to the prison

to see Dr. Connors. He sits across the glass from a gritty looking Dr. Connors and asks him questions.

But Dr. Connors stays quiet. After Peter starts to get frustrated and gets loud,then he emotionally bangs

the glass. Dr. Connors finally tells him something. He says him and Peter's father were working on

a secret formula for Norman Osborn and during one experiment Norman inhales chemicals that made

him sick. When peter asks why his dad left Dr. Connors gets up and leaves. Frustrated Peter leaves the

prison with his head down he sees a Daily Bugle newspaper with the same headline from earlier. He

decides to go to the daily bugle to confront the editor. When he gets there he meets Robbie

Robertson,Betty Brant,and the loudmouth J. Jonah Jamenson. He asks Jamenson why he sells slander

about spider-man and says they're lies. They argue and Jonah ends up saying that he'll stop printing bad

news about spider-man if he can get a good picture of spider-man. At Oscorp there is a bad

thunderstorm and Max Dillon and Dr. Ratha are talking on the roof. Max Dillon says he can't go up

there is big storm. Dr. Ratha says Mr. Osborn wants the wires fixed in the antenna tonight or he'll be

fired. So Max Dillon climbs to the top of the rebuilt antenna and fixes the wire and all of a sudden a

surge of lightning hits it and electrocutes Dillon. He falls to the roof and Dr. Ratha and a bunch of

doctors help him to the Oscorp hospital. The next day at school Peter and Gwen talk about stuff and she

says he can make up missing her project tonight by helping her with her valedictorian speech and then

they can go out to eat after. But he says he has to work on his science project with Harry but he'll try to

make it in time for dinner. After school Dr. Ratha picks up Harry and Peter in a limo. Harry is mad that

his dad is to busy to pick him up. At Harry's house there are awkward moments between the two and

they don't get much work done. Peter start to grill Harry about his father and Harry gets fed up and tells

Peter to leave when the door opens and Norman Osborn comes in and you finally see his face. Harry

introduces him to Peter and leaves to his room. Peter shakes his hand and says he should be going he

has meet his girlfriend. Peter leaves and behind him Norman Osborn is on the phone with Dr. Ratha.

Then Norman leaves in a car to Oscorp, Peter decides to follows them to the building. Meanwhile,

Gwen is calling him and goes to his house to ask aunt May to see where he is .At Oscorp, Dr. Ratha is


to the doctors next to Max Dillon's bed when he starts to wake up. When he opens his eyes and tries to

sit up the lights flicker and the machines start messing up. The doctors tell him to not move. Max angry

and confused makes lights blow out and he asks what happened to him. Dr. Ratha says it’s a miracle

your alive, then Norman Osborn walks in. Angry Max Dillon gets up and grabs Norman by his collar

and blames him for turning him into a monster. Meanwhile the sparks are flying and all electronics shut

off. Norman tries to reason with him and says he can fix him but he tosses him to the ground and leaves

the room. Norman calls security to stop him. In Norman's office Peter swings through the window and

looks around for information about his father. He looks through drawers and finds files about mutants

and failed experiments. He then opens drawer with the green serum from the lizard and picks it up

when he hears the security alarm and puts it down. Max Dillon his trying to go on the elevator but

when he touches the button it explodes. Then Norman and security start shooting at him but he doesn't

get hurt. He shoots and lightning missiles and the lights blow out some more. Spider-man jumps in and

tries to reason with Max. But he doesn't want to talk and shoots electricity and tells Spider-man to leave

him alone. Spider-man and Max Dillon fight all throughout the building. Eventually they fly out a

window and and fall to the ground. They fight a great battle and cause damage all over the city.This

causes the news to come and get a video of the fight. During the fight spider-man's jokes make Max

Dillon angrier and cause more damage. The fight ends when Max Dillon tries to shoot spider-man misses and kills an innocent bystander. This causes him feel bad and notices all the damage he's done

but Spider-man doesn't know and he keeps going at him. To stop him Spider-man wraps him up

in a lot of web and takes a hose from a fire truck and blasts him. This puts him out for a while but when t
he cops come they try to arrest both of them. This causes Spider-man to flee the scene, and when the

cops look at the web Max Dillon is gone. Then you see him limping in an alley when Norman Osborn

and Dr. Ratha pull up in a limo and put a blanket on him. When peter sneaks through his window and

passes out in his chair when he notices Gwen his in their waiting for him. They argue she says maybe

they should break up but he convinces her not to break up with him .The next morning the Peter sees

aunt May stressed out in the kitchen and asks her why. She tells them if they don't pay the electric bills

they'll turn off the power. He say he'll take care of it and hugs her. At school Peter confronts Harry

about the project and they talk. Harry is mad at his dad for neglecting him and says this project could

really impress him. Him and peter agree to work hard to make a good project. While they are talking

Flash is being grilled by Randy and his girlfriend Liz for defending spider-man and shoving a daily

bugle newspaper in his face that reads Spider-man and friends wreak havoc on city. Peter sees the paper

and decides to go to the Bugle. At the Bugle Jonah is telling Robbie that the new villain should be

called Electro. Peter storms in and says Jonah lied when he said he was going to stop printing bad stuff

about spider-man. Jameson says he didn't give him any pictures. Peter tries to explain that he's been

busy. Jonah says life doesn't stop for you and he needs to take responsibility and don't make promises

he can't keep. Then he yells at peter to get out. Then Robbie tells Jonah that the paper with spider-man

sold the third most copies in bugle history. Realizing the money in spider-man Jameson yells for peter

to come back in and says that he must get him some decent photos by tomorrow afternoon. Then Peter

leaves. Back at Oscorp you see Dr. Ratha and Norman talking. Dr. Ratha tells him that Electro is

special and his blood is a piece needed for Norman's super serum/cure. He also talks about how they

need spider-man’s blood and the serum will be complete. Then Max Dillon walks in with a special suit

that help contain his powers. Max says he doesn't want to be called Max Dillon because a freaks don't

deserve a real name. He looks at the Daily Bugle newspaper and says I want to be called Electro then

he demands for a cure. Norman says he will give him a cure but he needs him to do one thing bring him

spider-man alive. Meanwhile, Peter is in his Spider-man suit talking to Gwen promising her he will be

home for dinner with their moms and her at his house in an hour. He puts on his mask and starts to take

different pictures of himself in different poses. All of a sudden Electro is coming down the street

yelling for Spider-man. Peter doesn't want to confront him but he doesn't want to be late for dinner. He

decides to talk to him. Electro tells him he doesn't want to hurt him he just needs him for his boss.

Spider-man doesn't want to go with him and keeps calling him Max. This makes him mad and he goes

berserk. They fight and this time Electro almost wins but Peter cleverly takes of the costume after he

sprays Electro's eyes with web. Peter doesn't make it home in time for dinner. Gwen and aunt May are

angry and punish him by making him wash the dishes. When peter goes to wash the dishes he looks out

the window and sees red hair girl from school next door. But he still doesn't get to see her face. At the

Osborn's house Harry is working on his project alone and trying to talk to his dad Norman who is

pacing waiting for Electro. Harry is trying to impress him with the project but Norman doesn't care. All

of a sudden you here Electro yelling Osborn and Norman tells Harry to go upstairs. Electro flys through

the windows and throws Norman across the room. He really wants a cure and he can't beat spider-man.

Norman tells him to get a partner and tells him about Quentin Beck a failed actor who is in jail. During

their conversation harry is listening from upstairs. That night at the prison you see Mysterio and his

black tarantula to the in the left cell Freak in the right cell. When Electro comes and breaks Mysterio

out of jail and steals his costume and equipment from the police. During all of this you never see

Mysterio's face. The next day Peter is walking with Harry to the Daily Bugle to drop off the pictures.

Harry says Peter needs to stop blowing him of so they can finish their project and says they have to

finish it tonight. Then he tells him about Electro and his dad talking. When he gets to the Bugle he

finds out that Mysterio broke out of jail again. Jameson sees the pictures and say they're garbage but

Peter, Robbie, and Betty say their good so Peter gets 300 for his pictures and a permanent job taking

pictures. That night while swinging to Harry's house Peter see Mysterio robbing a bank and goes to

stop him. When he goes to kick him the Mysterio turns out to be a hologram. Then he is shot with a

green mist that knocks him out. When he wakes up he is tied down to a table unmasked with Dr. Ratha

standing over him. He tells him about how he wasn't an accident and how him, Electro, and Dr.

Connors are special and he prepares the syringe to take his blood. During this Peter is dizzy and

hallucinating from the gas. He eventually breaks free before Ratha can take his blood. Electro and

Mysterio try to stop him and in the process Dr. Ratha is killed. Peter escapes but the gas is still

effecting him. While Swinging Peter he is he hears voices and begins to see things like demons, aunt

may, Gwen, captain Stacy ,etc. These things cause him to miss a web and fall. Then he sees an old man

walking down an alley and thinks its uncle Ben but when he turns him around it's really some random

homeless guy(Stan lee in his cameo appearance). Peter keeps hearing uncle Ben’s voice telling him to

avenge his death. This makes him find the guy who killed uncle Ben and chase him down. Meanwhile

Harry is calling Peter and is smashing their really unfinished project because he is really late. When

Peter finally corners the guy he pushes him off a ledge and the guy dies. The voices stop and he realizes

what he'd done. After that sits on a the empire state building and sees one more vision of uncle Ben.

He share his words of wisdom about choices and honoring commitment. He says he loves him and

they hug while uncle Ben disappear. The next day at school peter ignores bullying from Randy and

Flash and an angry Harry. When Gwen goes to talk to him he tells her he killed the burglar. This the

and the way the tension from earlier make them break up. At Oscorp Norman is fed up with Electro and

Mysterio. He insults them and he says if they don't get the blood Electro will never get the cure and

Mysterio will be in jail for the rest of his life. For two weeks Peter just goes takes pictures for the

bugle, gets more jobs to support aunt May ,ignores everything ,and stays in the house. Aunt May finally

has enough and sets up a blind date between Mary Jane and Peter. He really doesn't want to go on a

date with her because he doesn't know her and he still like Gwen. While slumped in the kitchen with

Aunt May and Anna Watson the doorbell rings. And when he opens the door he sees the beautiful Mary

Jane. She says her famous line and they go to a movie. During the movie they are having an ok time

but MJ is superficial and they have nothing in common. All of a sudden your he Mysterio's voice and

green smoke fills the room and everyone except is Peter ,who holds his breath, is knocked out.Then

Mysterio through the screen on a giant cloud and grabs MJ and tells Peter has that Electro has Gwen

and they're going to be hostage in the old film studio lot by the pier. When he gets to the lot there is a

maze and booby traps. Electro is laughing crazily and taunts Spider-man. Also Mysterio makes appear

that Peter has shrunken to 6 inch and they're are giants. After Spider-man overcomes the tricks

he finds MJ and Gwen tied up in glass boxes with a deadly gas and tries to free them. But a more

focused and stronger Electro attacks him and they burst outside and fight. Meanwhile, Gwen unties

herself, breaks out of her trap, and tries to help and unconscious MJ. During their fight Peter is severely

injured by a shock and collapses. But he is motivated by uncle Ben’s voice and he keeps on fighting.

In the end Spider man runs out of webs and Electro gets supercharged when he breaks electrical wires

and puts it too his body. The makes him fight harder and cockier and he start to brutally beat Peter until t
hey fight on the pier. Peter who is beaten to near death defeats him by tricking Electro into the ocean

where he fizzles out. When he limps back to the warehouse he sees mysterio holding a sword to Gwen's

neck and MJ passed out. Gwen is struggling and elbows Mysterio's helmet which breaks it. Mysterio

shoots bombs out his wrists starts a fire and runs. Peter tells Gwen to get MJ and run. Before Gwen

leaves Peter says he loves her but she doesn't say anything back and leaves. Spider-man chases after

Mysterio who shoots fire, demon holograms and smoke at him. At a dead end Mysterio pleads with him

and shows a hologram of Peters parent's trying to stop him from beating him up. As Spider-man walks

closer you see Mysterio has a sword behind his back. When Spider-man is close enough Mysterio

slashes at him with the huge sword. But Spider-man uses his spidey senses and dodges the attack,break

the equipment on his wrists, and kicks him in the face knocking off his helmet. Green smoke covers

Mysterio's unconscious body and face. Walking over to see his face Spider-man is hit from behind by

an unknown man. Laying dazed he sees Norman Osborn over his face and takes blood from him. Then

him and Mysterio disappear. Then he sees a worried Gwen begin to drag him out the burning building

and he finally passes out. When Peter wakes up he is in Gwen's room with her tending to his injuries.

The news is on TV and they talk about the fire and how Spider-man was seen at the event. Then they

interview a bunch of people who have mixed feelings about Spider-man, including J. Jonah Jameson.

Peter sits up and asks about MJ, Mysterio, and Electro Gwen tells him that the fire fight to MJ is fine at

home and won't remember anything, Mysterio disappeared, and Electro is in jail. They talk about their

relationship, responsibility, the get back together, and kiss. The next week Peter walks in the kitchen

with his cap and gown for graduation. She is proud and take pictures. They talk and the scene ends

when Peter hands a bunch of money to aunt may from working at the different jobs. At the graduation

backstage during the lineup Peter tries to talk to Harry and apologize for making them fail the project.

He forgives him and says Gwen told him everything. Peter at first thinks he mean she told his secret but

Harry tells him he knows that he had to work and support his aunt and he thinks that is really cool.

They become friends. The next scene is of Gwen's valedictorian speech. During it you see Flash ,MJ,

Liz, Randy, Robbie, Harry, Peter ,and aunt May. Her speech is a reference to the whole movie,Peter,

responsibility, being a hero ,etc. After they throw up their hats and the last scene is of Mary Jane meeting

and flirting with Harry and Gwen and Peter walking together before Mysterio flying by on a giant

serpent and smoke. Gwen kisses him and Peter puts on his costume and swings after him.

POST CREDIT SCENE-We see an old picture of Peter's dad, Norman Osborne, and Dr. Connors. Then you here Norman Osborn talk to the picture and say "You see Rich I told you I'd get my serum one way or another and maybe if you didn't try to deceive me you could have been her to witness this ".Then you see him with the sample of Peter's blood in his hand. He opens the drawer that has the Green vile that says lizard and a yellow vile that say Dillon. Then he takes the three beakers and mixes them together. He looks at the vile and says “I wonder what this will feel like” and drinks it. He then starts to
scream and laugh and then you see the picture again with a shadow of a goblin face on it.

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