AMC's The Batman series fan cast

AMC's The Batman series fan cast

My idea for a Batman series on the AMC channel.


This is my fancast for a realistic Batman television series loosely based on Batman The Animated Series & The Arkham video game series. The series is based aftermost of the major story arcs from the comics and basically would return to the late 90's era of storytelling in order to disregard whatever happened after it and start the new stories from then on. In this cast I have tried to avoid the more generic fancasts from this site and make choices on who would not only be perfect for the role but also who could fit perfectly in a series that would last for a number of series'.

The show would be either a 12 or a 15 rating, I think it should be shown on AMC because it could be really dramatic with action and some comedic scenes just to split it up some more so it isn't to serious all the time, but gritty enough that they can show the real violence and chaos characters like The Joker and the damage others can cause without having to dilute it too much because of the channel it's being shown on, i ruled out some other channels like CW, Fox & CBS because it wouldn'tbe filled with pretty boys like CW, or just total shit like Fox, so my plans would be for my Batman series to either be shown on AMC or NBC.

Jon Hamm as Bruce Wayne/The Batman

In my idea Bruce isn't the young troubled billionaire prodigy, he's an older more hardened Bruce Wayne like we have seen in Arkham Asylum & Arkham City. Hamm is perfect for an older Wayne, not only in terms of looks but in terms of acting abilities for years he has proven himself as a well off and troubled character in Mad Men, if this isn't proof enough for you just take a look at that mug, in my opinion he is the exact picture of what Batman should look like, equipped with stubble, a square jaw, a sturdy frame, black hair and a gravely but not Bale-esque voice. The perfect choice for an older Bruce Wayne.

Timothy Dalton as Alfred Pennyworth

Yep, the ex-James Bond and Doctor Who star Timothy Dalton is my pick to play everyone's favourite butler with the funny surname. Dalton is a great actor and a pretty cool guy, not to mention he would probably be the youngest guy to ever play Alfred at 68 years old, he could play Alfred with a pretty interesting past and maybe even have a couple of ex-spy reference through out the season like Bruce asking him what happened to his double O status or something smarter and wittier than that, but I have a lot of faith that he could play a loveable yet badass Alfred who could kick ass if it came to it, a side of the character that we haven't really seen yet.

Bryan Cranston as James Gordon

I've had this in mind for a long time and no wonder, Cranston is an incredible actor and clearly a fan favourite for Gordon. Everything about Cranston embodies what Gordon should be. Oldman played Gordon as a good man who lives in a bad world, but in this series I'd love to see an angrier more battle hardened Gordon who's been through a lot and has clearly been affected by it.

Dylan O'Brien as Tim Drake/Robin

O'Brien is just such a likeable actor, hilarious and has some real acting chops. All you have to do is watch a couple of episodes of Teen Wolf and you'll see that O'Brien is the perfect choice for a comedic yet serious choice for Tim Drake. In this series Drake should be depicted as a mix between Robin from The Arkham series & the one from Young Justice. A young, wise-ass but a wise-ass who can handle himself. He also seems like an old enough fit to be The Dark Knight's ward without it being creepy like it was in the boy wonder's first introduction to the comics.

Jason Flemyng as The Joker

Easily one of the most underated actors of our generation and I'm shocked I haven't seen this cast before, known mostly as the guy you see in a lot of stuff but never quiteremember his name, just looking at this picture screams the clown prince of crime! especially since he looks almost identical to The Joker we see in Arkham Asylum & Arkham City. I believe that without a shadow of a doubt Flemyng would be able to play a true to the comics & series version of The Joker we have yet to see fully.

Jon Bernthal as Harvey Bullock

Bernthal is a big bulldog of an actor, good for drama and great at depecting the agressive bully. I loved Bernthal in The Walking Dead and
would love to see more of him and I'd love to see how he would approach the character. He'd play the dirty cop perfectly in this series and would be working on both sides and there'd be some great acting scenes between Bernthan and Cranston, you can't see you wouldn't want to see that.

Danneel Ackles as Vicky Vale

My initial thought when it came to casting Vale was the idea of casting Christina Hendricks but the overload of Mad Men stars would make it look like I was only choosing the cast because they are in shows I like so.. i crapped the over used idea of Hendricks as Vale and chose for Danneel Ackles, the 33 year old actress known mostly for her roles in Harold & Kumar and for being married to the incredibly awesome Dean Winchester. But she has something about her that automatically makes you ignore the fact she hasn't been in great projects and think if put her in with an ensemble cast like this and I think you'd see a remarkable performance from her. She would be Bruce's love interest for the first couple of seasons.

Norman Reedus as Floyd Lawton/Deadshot

Clearly I'm a huge fan of The Walking Dead, but I'm not just throwing in actors from my favourite shows I'm choosing actors I've seen that would give the best possible performance as the roles they've been designated. Reedus is awesome as the loveable badass redneck as Daryl Dixon but also he was in one of my favourite movies which was also horribly underrated The Boondock Saints. If handled correctly Deadshot would be a pretty formidible villain to fight Bats, and sadly Lawton hasn't been portrayed
correctly so far which is a damn shame and I feel Reedus would absolutely smash this role.

Ian Bohen as Harvey Dent/Two Face

Another incredibly likeable actor, he has the looks of the handsome and successful D.A but also as he showed in Teen Wolf he can play a raving murderer who you just can't stop watching. Even though his character should've been extremely un-likeable he was portrayed in such a way that you you couldn't help but feel for the character & watched in awe with every single scene. Not to mention we have already seen Bohen play a character who was who has been severely burned on one side of his face and clearly so was half of his personality so it'd be interesting to see how he'd work with the character.

Dwayne Johnson as Bane

I know I'm definetly getting shit for this one but please hear me out, yes I do read Batman comics and have for the past 15 years and believe me when I say I'm not trying to make Bane some tank with no brain I know about Bane's past being born in a prison to complete his father's double life sentence, not too mention him being superior to Batman in strength and a tactical genius and I completely believe that Johnson would do a great job, yes he does look similar to Black Adam. But tell me this huge 6'5, half samoan half black beast isn't much more like the Bane we know and love from the comics? not to mention The Brahma Bull is a pretty good actor and pretty damn intimidating, not to mention you could completely believe he could break Jon Hamm's back.

Michael Pitt as Roman Sionis/Black Mask

Other than the fact Pitt is a fine actor as he's proved multiple times in Boardwalk empire, the guy looks like a criminal whether it's a mobster or
just an absolute headcase. Sionis is a character that Pitt could just run with and could really just put it all into this character and give an amazing performance if he just let it all go. Essentially an evil version of Bruce Wayne, burned his parents to death in the family home before carving a sickening skull mask out of his father's coffin. A truly chilling villain who would settle into this ensemble in a great way.

Michelle Rodriguez as Renee Montoya

I dont know if Montoya is supposed to be an annoying character or if it's just me that finds her that way but I think Rodriguez would be perfect to portray her on screen and actually make her character likeable, I think she would be the perfect casting for Montoya not just because she looks pretty like the actual character but because she does fit the bill for the kinda hard ass, on the beat cop who wouldn't take crap but isn't corrupt like a lot of Gotham PD.

Jared Harris as Hugo Strange

Yes this is another actor from Mad Men but you really can't deny that he is actually perfect as Strange, he could probably pull off a flawless
accent for the character should he need to, not to mention the fact that he looks like he has just jumped off the page, he also has this really
sinister and unsettling presence for some reason, he looks like he is a psychiatrist but not only that he can portray the truly terrifying side of Strange and his messed up obsession with The Dark Knight.

and if you weren't sure if Hamm was as like Wayne as i said earlier, a picture says a thousand words

leave a comment i'd love to hear you guy's opinions, good night my friends!!
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