An All Black Fan Cast of 300 (film)

An All Black Fan Cast of 300 (film)


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bigshow2312: I like this instrumental! It has a jungle yet soulful feel to it-gotta love it (look up Keep on Pressin…it’s a better mix).

Shout Outs


Tiny Lister-The Uber Immortal

300 zach snyder

dmb1511: Tiny Lister has portrayed the huge, beastly character, most of his career, I as a movie man would like to see a darker side of him and see how beastly he can get. If I could allow him to do that, this would be the role I would cast him in to unlock his potential.

Steve Harris-Ephialtes

300 zach snyder

dmb1511: Every time I hear anything about this guy, it is a female saying how ugly he is, but none of them say he can’t act. He is one of those actors that can only be a villain. (And it could mean less Prosthetics)

bigshow2312: He’s an average actor that gets into light characters pretty well, but is mostly know for playing somber roles.

Djimon Hounsou-Xerxes

300 zach snyder

dmb1511: When we casted Hounsou as Xerxes, I thought about it for a while and thought it was a no brainer. He has an amazing Voice, and an acting ability that is undeniably awesome. Who wouldn’t want to see him step out of his comfort zone and be a king?

Christopher B. Duncan-Theron

300 zach snyder

dmb1511: Christopher B. Duncan is extremely underrated. Duncan has always been the dorky, token black guy. But, when I select actors, I study mannerisms and attitude. I can tell he wants to be more than what he is. And if given a chance he can be.

Mark Strong-The Messenger

300 zach snyder

dmb1511: Mark Strong is one of my favorite actors. In Sherlock Holmes, I was a little bored until I heard him speak. The movie gained my full attention because of Strong’s roll as an antagonist. That roll and his voice made him unforgettable. As a plus, all he has to do is get kicked into a pit.

bigshow2312: Mark Strong has an astounding voice that would have an THQ resonance, striking & brawny, which is the main reason of the casting-aside from him being a amazing actor.

Donald Faison-Daxos

300 zach snyder

dmb1511: I will have to admit I am not a big fan of Donald Faison at all. I know that he can play the roll of a punk. That’s all he can do and that’s all he needs to.

Roger Guenveur Smith-The Loyalist

300 zach snyder

dmb1511: It doesn’t take much to play a loyalist roll, but we don’t cast weak actors for weak rolls, because I know more experienced actors, like Smith won’t overdo their jobs.

André Benjamin-Stelios

300 zach snyder

dmb1511: Benjamin is one of those guys who acts when he gets ready. But when he does, it’s phenomenal. I was bored with Idle Wild but Four Brothers blew my mind. Who wouldn’t want to see Mr. 3000 in 300?

Rockmond Dunbar-Dilios

300 zach snyder

dmb1511: Dunbar is one of those actors that allows his reputation to precede him. If you are skeptical about accepting him as a great actor watch the following videos.

Lance Gross-Astinos

300 zach snyder

dmb1511: Lance Gross is your typical young guy who gets into trouble in the rolls he plays. He is a bit young in film, but all he has to do is smile and get his head cut off. I know you guys would love to see that, Right?

Blair Underwood-Captain

300 zach snyder

dmb1511: To me, the best scene that The Captain was in is when his son is decapitated and he goes into a blood-thirsty rage. You can see the same derangement if you have seen Asunder. Underwood has acting diversity, and can play any role they toss at him.

Nicole Ari Parker-Queen Gorgo

300 zach snyder

dmb1511: Talent, check. Grace, check. Beauty, check. The ability to be better than Lena Headey, CHECK!

Wesley Snipes-King Leonidas

300 zach snyder

dmb1511: Wesley would own the role because of talent, because of screaming at the screen. Wesley would be, without question, better than Gerard Butler. If Snipes was cast as the leading role he wouldn’t end up doing movies like the bounty hunter to stay afloat in the acting world. Snipes is Leonidas.

bigshow2312: Most known for Blade, Wesley has the acting chops to play the worried leader in an action flick. Unlike Blade, this character would be more temperamental as opposed to being directly stoic.

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