Analysis of Rumoured JL storyline

Analysis of Rumoured JL storyline

What does the rumoured storyline mean for a JL movie?Read on to find out!

According to La times the Jl movie will be based on JLA 183-185.

Simply summarised we have earths greatest heroes magiaclly transported to New Genesis by the New Gods in order to free the Planet from Apokolips enslavement,and stop the ressurection of Darkseid.The heroes also end up having to stop the plot to destroy earth and replace it with Apokolips

My thoughts:Its very interesting to say the least and it has so much potential.

Firstly it is drastically different from the the Avengers 1 as the bulk of the storyline takes place on ANOTHER PLANET-not Earth.Just thinking of the visuals of the league fighting in a futuristic planet against the hordes of apokolips is fapworthy.

Secondly The story has some heroes being transported from parallel universes.So the stry cld incorporate the idea that each hero inhabits a solo universe unto himself and are only united on New genesis by being summoned.They dont have to be in a shared universe for the story to work.Its freaking brilliant.Also introducing a multiverse concept opens the door for a Crisis

Its quite a thrilling concept.Reading through the story Im quite pleased to see Wonderwoman has a good role in this story.

It goes without saying but this story as awesome as it is needs major modification,compression, and plain cutting.We can already guess that the hero lineup will be different from the story-Probably only be Superman,Batman,Wonderwoman,Flash,Gl,(no JSA or Firestorm).
The original story might have had the Injsutsice league working on behalf of Apokiliips but introducing the injustice league is not wise especially without solos.Id replace them with Appelexians/Hyperclan.They might also have to cut down on the New gods mythology in the story.Overall howver its a good story

…BUT there is a BIG Downside to using this story

Avengers 2 might well take place in space if the Infinity gauntlet rumour is true.If this is true,a Justice league movie willl be called a huge copycat if they follow suit by having an adventure in space.Its amazing that as awesome as this storyline is its the one storyline that worsen their copycat situation.Because Thanos and the Infinity Gauntlet storyline is the perfect Cockblock to Darkseid and this storyline
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