Ant-Man Fancast

Ant-Man Fancast

I give my take on the scientist supreme with his head not screwed on too clean.

I'm back with another fancast as I try to bring more of my take on the ever growing Marvel Universe. So let me get to another strong contender for The Avengers line up, Ant-Man himself.

I'm not sure if I've seen him used as Ant-Man before but I do know one thing. For a reasonably obscure character like this with such a wide range of personalities emotions and talent you need an actor that can tap into all that. Hank Pym is one of the most difficult character's personality wise to bring out so you need an actor with wide range to not only cover all that but also someone who'll put butts in seats and you wanna go on an adventure with. Mr. Gosling has been shaking things up lately showing he can play almost any kind of character and I really wanna see him in more action oriented roles.

Rashida Jones is sweet, funny, deadly serious when she needs to be drop dead gorgeous and someone who you really wanna root for. Those are also a few descriptions of Ms. Van Dyne aka Wasp.

Even Though Amadeus Cho is a Hulk supporting character I feel like he really has alot of potential to be a big part of the Marvel Universe. His back story involved him acing a quiz competition that caught the attention of alot of higher ups, maybe A.I.M. as well as Dr. Pym is looking for a new lab assistant? Either way the moment I saw Steven Yeun on the Walking Dead I wanted Marvel to cast him as the runaway genius.

Is there even a doubt who Mr. Wright will call up for Ant-Man's greatest adversary?

John Malkovich is an extremely talented actor with a very unique kind of voice I picture him as the best choice for one of the greatest foes The Avengers ever faced, the cold calculating and also jealous Ultron. In this movie he would start off as an all new program and become more self aware as the movie goes along.

Now i've seen alot of names passed around for this role, including Paul Giamatti, Phillip Seymour Hoffman and even Peter Dinklage, though I have no doubt not only are those INCREDIBLE fantastic and versatile actors who would no doubt bring much to a role that from the casual viewer would be quite silly into something sinister and unlike any bad guy put before a cinema, for me I wanted to try out someone who not only is a big comic and video game fan (going so far as to name his daughter Zelda) but also an actor who has done it all, from the comedic , dramatic tragic and downright terrifying, which are things anyone bringing MODOK to screen would need, Ladies and Gentlemen Mr. Robin Williams.

An underrated actor in my opinion, excellent at bringing out tyranny in his characters as well as brilliance. Similar features included Ian Mcshane and Graviton seem almost the perfect match. I for one can't wait to see this villian brought to screen, I think one of his magnitude and power level deserves a little more respect and spotlight. And that goes for both the character and the actor.

Hope you enjoyed it, I got a few other fancasts if you wanna check them out you can just head to my user page.
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