Arkham Asylum Poem Therapy: Files 1 to 5

Arkham Asylum Poem Therapy: Files 1 to 5

Arkham, in their attempts to cure the mentally challenged, try to have the inmates write poetry to express their feelings. Although the project inevitably failed, the results are still rather revealing.

I’m Only Joking

A "villain"elle (he he) by Your's Truly

They cry and weep with stains of blood all raw.
Sit back and laugh, no need to fear a smile!
Ha ha! Ha ha! Ha ha! Ha ha! Ha ha!

Why fret? So sad and glum, it’s just a saw.
Along your cheeks, I’ll carve a grin with style!
They cry and weep with stains of blood all raw.

What’s this? A brand new girl in hand I saw.
Your love, so sweet, but now a red meat pile!
Ha ha! Ha ha! Ha ha! Ha ha! Ha ha!

Who knew? The Boy, the bat’s own son?
A bird now caged, all rot in cape and bile!
He cried and wept with stains of blood all raw.

It’s fun to rhyme. I write in flesh with claws.
Enjoy it doc? Sit back and laugh awhile!
Ha ha! Ha ha! Ha ha! Ha ha! Ha ha!

The bat, they say, cannot be beat False! Ha!
See it, you will, the bat I’ll break with style!
You’ll cry and weep with tears of blood all raw.
Ha ha! Ha ha! Ha ha! Ha ha! Ha ha!

Cold Hearts

A Sonnet by Victor

To die alone is to accept defeat.
In cold and ice she sleeps all ill and doomed.
I’m numb with grief from head to feet.
For me, my blood runs blue, my life consumed.
My suit, a cell, until she breaths again.
The Bat, they say, seeks jail for me. Unjust!
His pain’s the same as mine, we freaks of men.
His blood I’ll chill with rays of cold and frost.
My pain he’ll see within the grip of cold.
His head, all froze, I will impale, then boast.
No more, Sir Bruce, harass me here or scold!
Arise my wife, I’ll thaw your corpse and ghost!
My rose, awake! At last in peace we’ll dwell.
The bat will die this night in icy hell!

The Devil’s Head

Haikus from somewhere in the Orient

Ra’s Al Ghul, in fame
in death never waits nor stays,
Not in devil’s name.

From the endless pit
That dark hell so wide and deep,
once again, I rise!

A pupil, poor Bruce
His coward heart just couldn’t kill.
My student, oh Wayne

Oh Talia sweet
My one true gem from the east
My late wife’s daughter

Entreat the dark prince
to bed and woo him softly
Blind the Bat tonight.

Gotham burns at dawn
Ashes cleanse the stain of filth
Garbage purged at morn.

My victory came!
Justice has waited ‘til now.
The devil’s head won.

Cat’s Eyes

Inverse Nonets by Selina Kyle

Purr… Nice ring of yours, it’s mine to keep.
A girl has got to eat.. and shine!
The Bat won’t dare to stop me.
A gun? Oh please. So shoot
Ouch, only four now!
How ‘bout a scratch
Stinging now?

Thank you.
Pretty thing.
Too kind, you are.
All cold and stiff now.
To cross a black cat’s path
is bad luck, you poor old cop.
Commissioner Gordon? Oh well.
Hiss! That signal’s in the sky again.

Scared as Crows

By Dr. Jonathan Crane

Oh, scared you are?
Well so am I!
A house of nuts!
I’ll make them die!

Cracked little brains
I cannot bear
That spin and bounce
Like wisps of air.

Their works of art
are blood and guts.
Their minds are trapped
in crazy ruts.

Perhaps I too
Am quite insane
To understand
Their inner pains.

A crow am I?
No, greater still!
I’m Dr. Crane
I’ll cure your ill.

With shrilling shouts
And evil doubts
I’ll stop your heart
I’m just too smart!

Your mind has snapped
Your brain entrapped.

I’m in your head.
Your parents dead?
Poor you.
Boo hoo.

Oh, nuts you are?
Well so am I!
Bruce, you’re Bats?
Prepare to die!
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