Assassin’s Creed Fan Cast

Assassin’s Creed Fan Cast

My dream cast for the first Assassin’s Creed movie!

With the recent (kind of) announcement that Ubisoft are looking to expand into movies, in a similar manner as to Marvel Studios, I got thinking as to which game franchise I’d like to see come to the big screen, and as it is one of my favourite game series, I thought what better than Assassin’s Creed.

Now, with my casting choices I’ve tried to be as unique as possible, and have to admit I’ve mainly cast white actors to play the Middle Eastern characters, but this is quite simply because I don’t know any Middle Eastern actors, so figured if this franchise is brought to the big screen it’d be done like Prince of Persia, with white people getting tans… lol…
Also, just as a side note, I admittedly haven’t cast every single character in the game, but this is because the game cast is so expansive I couldn’t think of anyone to fulfil the roles of some of Altair’s targets. Well, enough with the intro, below is my cast, and I hope you guys enjoy!

Desmond Miles – Jake Gyllenhaal

Yeah, I know he was Dastan in Prince of Persia, and whereas a lot of people see that as a failure, I actually think it was pretty cool, but that’s not why I cast him. It was after seeing Gyllenhaal in Source Code, that I thought he would be epic in the role, partly as the film features a similar concept to Assassin’s Creed. Despite that though, Gyllenhaal actually looks a bit like Desmond and is naturally a very charming and charismatic guy and has a great wit to him; perfect attributes needed for the role.

Lucy Stillman – Kristen Bell

She’s ‘played’ the role before in the games, so why not? Despite that though, she’s a solid young actress, admittedly she’s more known for comedy roles but I think if given the chance she would be good in the role, primarily because I enjoyed her work on Veronica Mars and Heroes.

Subject 16 – Joseph Gordon Levitt

He’s a really cool actor, and is finally starting to get the mainstream attention he deserves. Really liked him in Brick, the Lookout and Inception. Admittedly, he’d be around as a voice only character, which I think he would be great at as he just sounds very intelligent, but if needed I think he could pull of 16’s physical appearance too.

Professor Warren Vidic – Jeff Bridges

He’s a really great actor, really liked him in Iron Man and Tron: Legacy, and I also thought he was pretty cool in True Grit. End of the day he’s a great actor and visually looks the part so I’d love to see him give the role a spin!

Altair Ibn-La’Ahad – Tom Hardy

Another really great actor, and solid up and comer. Really enjoyed him in Bronson and the Take and Inception, and look forward to him as Bane in the Dark Knight Rises. Now, I know guys like Chris Bale or Sam Worthington (why Worthington? I will never know) are fan favourites, but end of the day they seem a bit off for the role. With Hardy, visually he could pass of as a relative of Gyllenhaal’s, but he’s also a very talented martial artist so would bring a lot of realism to the fight scenes. As a side note though, as Hardy is admittedly quite short, I’d expect for him to use lifts just to appear a bit taller and more imposing.

Malik A-Sayf – David Wenham

He’s a pretty decent actor, enjoyed his work in the Lord of the Rings film series, and 300, however it was mainly due to his visual similarity to the character and because of his work in Van Helsing that I cast him. Now, you may be thinking what the fuck?!? But he essentially played the same character there, just camper and more comedic, so if he played it more seriously as he does with most of his other roles I’ve mentioned above, then he would be perfect in the role.

Maria Thorpe – Eva Green

She’s a pretty good actress, I liked her work in Casino Royale and Franklyn, and she’s pretty good on Camelot too. End of the day I cast her more because she looks very similar to the character than anything else, but I also think she could do well in the role.

Robert de Sable – Mark Strong

He’s an epic actor and is great at playing villains. Really liked his work in Body of Lies, Kick- Ass, Rock n Rolla, Sherlock Holmes and Robin Hood, where he played a very similar character. End of the day visually he looks a lot like the character, and he is a total badass so I’d love to see him in the role!

King Richard – Ray Winstone

He’s a solid actor, who not only visually looks the part, but just has that raw, intimidating and powerful presence to him needed for such a role. Admittedly, it should be similar to a cameo, but I still think it would need a solid actor for it, just to further cement the character’s presence and gravitas.

Al Mualim – Liam Neeson

Another really great actor. Really enjoyed him in Taken, the A-Team and his turn as Ra’s Al Ghul in Batman Begins; a very similar character to Al Mualim. End of the day, he’s a great actor and he has the right presence and powerful voice needed to play Altair’s corrupt mentor. So if given the role, I will actually have a nerdgasm… lol…

Well, that’s who I want for Assassin’s Creed! I hope you guys enjoyed my casting choices, as always please leave me your thoughts on them, thanks!

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