Avengers - NEW Skrull Teaser Poster

Avengers - NEW Skrull Teaser Poster

A second teaser poster featuring a villainous Skrull alien...a major revision of my last attempt

I know some of you got in to see my Skrull Poster friend from yesterday. There were problems with it. Many that I noticed myself. I thought it still looked cool enough to post, but I've made some major revision to it. Like MAJOR revisions. I still liked the space concept and that invasion feel, so I stuck with it and took another shot

Without further ado here it is after a complete overhaul, hope yall like it this time.

Leave your comments in the usual place. Good or bad I wanna hear 'em! :)

P.S. The Question teaser is on the way...just cleanin' it up a little bit.
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