Avengers - Skrull Teaser

Avengers - Skrull Teaser

A cool teaser poster for the Avengers...if the villains are the The Skrull that is

Hey everyone, after my Green Lantern Promo was met with such positive reviews I've been trying to think of something to do next. I made a "The Question" teaser poster recently, but I'm not sure if it's quite up to snuff. This leads me to my most recent work. I was watching the movie RED tonight and seeing Bruce Willis got me to thinking about bald actors that could play a good Skrull. Eventually I just settled on Bruce Willis himself, and I started to manip a picture of him into an ideal looking live action Skrull. This got an idea cooking in my head for a cool teaser poster if in fact the The Skrull do play a part in the Avengers come 2012.

I really ended up liking the final product, how about you guys?

Comment in the usual place, good or bad just lemme know :)

Thanks for viewing guys, and if you'd like to see my "The Question" teaser poster lemme know in the comments and I'll get that one up ASAP :)
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