Baron Zemo for Captain America 2 - A Crude Photoshop.

Baron Zemo for Captain America 2 - A Crude Photoshop.

I've created a very crude photoshop of how I believe Baron Zemo should look in the modern day. Also included is an explanation to help clarify.

With all this talk of Captain America 2, I decided to create a very crude image of how I'd like to see Zemo. I don't have very much knowledge on Baron Zemo, I only know what he looks like, and that he clashes with Captain America in modern times. First I believed his costume needed a HUGE overhaul.

First to go was the fuzzy white leopard fur. I decided, if anyone was to wear fur and look menacing, it would have to be done like the much recent images of Bane.

Let's argue about Bane's menacing (or lack of) look later. The point is, this is a very good look that incorporates fur.

Giving him an outer coat would also give him a more scary silhouette, rather than his comic counterpart. Next I thought it would be great to incorporate body armor in a very subtle way. I took Chris Evan's Captain America modern day suit, and with some altercations placed it under bane's coat.
Changing the color of Bane's other clothing here and there to match Zemo, I particularly wanted to emphasize the darker purple (c'mon let's face it, Zemo's purple outfit doesn't exactly inspire fear, nor would it look great onscreen.) I believe he could also wear some dark yellow gloves and boots also similar to Captain America. The very modern armor look would be very awesome to see on screen.

Now the crude and final outcome:

I place an open invitation for any CBM members to try and create a better looking version. I really want to see something awesome come out of this.

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